MSGV: TPP Mission 31: Sahelanthropus features the large metal gear named Sahelanthropus. He is a very intimidating boss. His size is scary and all of his attacks have a big “shock and awe” factor. However, when you analyse his attacks, he goes from being a difficult boss to a relatively simple one. Here is a short strategy guide and below the tips then you will find a list of his attacks and how to avoid them.

General Strategy

Most importantly, always run diagonally or sideways. This boss has problems hitting targets that move sideways. Hop in a tank and start driving away while shooting constantly. Aim at the bosses torso (when it is glowing) or the white pods on it’s back. If you don’t want to use a vehicle then use a rocket launcher and run and fire while dodging his moves. Use flares to call in ammo supplies or support helicopters (as going into menu to call them takes to long). Call down ammo before you run out and call it to a favourable location where you want to run. Read the tips below for a lot more details.

Take the correct weaponry

The strongest Rocket Launcher you have is a great start. Combine this with either a grenade launcher or machine gun. Grenade launchers work very well but you might not have a powerful one available at this point in the game. The battlesuit is better than the sneaking suit as you will not be sneaking in this mission.

Utilise the vehicles

You will find tanks and other armoured vehicles in the area. By using these you prevent damage done to yourself, as any hits will be absorbed by the vehicle. You can also deal large amounts of damage to the Sahelanthropus while staying far away. It might take you some practice but it is possible to drive the tank while constantly shooting behind you, just make sure you don’t crash! You can take him to very low health without ever leaving your vehicle.

Use Quiet

I didn’t find any of the buddies particularly useful for this mission. The horse could be useful but it elevates you higher making missiles almost impossible to dodge. Quiet will sometimes distract the metal gear enabling you to get a free shot from behind which deals a lot of damage.

Never run away in a straight line

How to beat Salehanthropus

While looking scary, running diagonally will render this Metal Gear near useless.

Most of his attacks are directed in a straight line from him. By running slightly diagonally you will avoid all attacks (except homing missiles which will require you to find cover).

Shoot the floating boy

Once Salehanthropus gets to low health then the metal gear will start leaping to you. When this happens you will get a reflex cutscene. Quickly swap to a fast firing weapon and shoot the floating boy who will always be floating in front of Salehanthropus. One shot will disable the metal gear temporarily which allows you to get a free shot on it.

Do not lose track of where the metal gear is. Sometimes he will suddenly jump to you and if you are not ready then you may be too slow to react and hit the boy. If the reflex ends then you will instantly be killed.

Sahelanthropus common attacks

Plasma whip

Don’t fear! His whip attack simply means you get a couple of free shots on him!

Dodge this by moving sideways. Do not go back near the black rocks that appear as they explode shortly after appearing.

Sometimes he will drive his whip into the ground. If he does this then sprint away as after a few seconds rocks will erupt from the ground where you are standing. If the rocks surround you then you can stand in the direct centre of the ring to avoid taking any damage.

Homing Missiles

You cannot outrun these, hide behind a rock or another source of cover and these will explode harmlessly. They do a lot of damage if they hit you so always think about the nearest source of cover. If there is no cover then you can dive to the side just before they impact you and you will avoid taking damage.

Machine gun burst

A short burst of machine gun fire. Never stand still and never run in a straight line and you will never be hit by this.


If you are very close to Salehanthropus then he will attack you with his flamethrower. This does massive damage and is hard to avoid. Stay away from him as much as possible.

Railgun (?)

I think this is a railgun. Salehanthropus will crouch and use his railgun. Hide behind cover and this is not a problem. It means he is a stationary target for your weapons. However, if it does hit you then it will instantly kill you. Make sure to not take risks.

Reflex Mode

Once Salehanthropus gets low, he will leap to you and a reflex mode will occur. Simply hit the floating boy to temporarily disable Sahelanthropus and use this time to get 2 free rocket shots on him.

If you have any other information or tactics then comment below and let me know! Good luck with your Metal Gear journey.