The Caretaker is a boss found in the latest Witcher 3 Expansion Hearts of Stone. While he is not the hardest boss (credit for this probably goes to the Toad Prince), on Death March he is definitely tricky to beat and requires knowing his patterns of attack.

The Caretaker is an annoying boss because he regains 10% of his damage as health. This means when he hits you (or anything else) he will be healed. You are punished severely for making mistakes in this fight. Here is the method I used to beat the Caretaker (2 attempts on Death March, 1 to learn the patterns and the second to kill him). It might not be the best method and I am interested in hearing how other people beat him.

the caretaker witcher 3

Do not let this blind menace hit you OR the ghosts he summons.

Learn these patterns

At the start, he will swing at you until he plants his weapon into the ground and takes a few seconds to retrieve it, after you roll away then you have enough time to land a few hits on him.

After a while he will switch and start charging at you, if this attack connects then you will take a lot of damage. If it misses then you have enough time to damage him before backing off again.

Sometimes he will summon ghosts into his garden and start swinging at them. This will cause him to regain health. You should kill these ghosts as fast as possible at which point he will revert back to his previous modes of attack.

This is a very straightforward boss

You do not need decoctions or other tactics for this fight, just the ability to roll away from his attacks and then counter once he lets his guard down. Healing is always handy but you should not be taking damage. Potions and decoctions that give you more damage are really useful as Death March seemingly does not change boss mechanics, just gives them a lot more health and damage.

How did you beat The Caretaker?

Comment below and let me know, good strategies will be added to the post (with credit given).