Destiny has a new expansion! And with it comes new enemies in the form of The Court of Oryx. Make sure you don’t let your friends/allies down by staying up to date with how to beat them. The Court of Oryx has several enemies and most of them have quite simple methods of being beaten. We will list all the enemies and how to handle them.

Bracus Horu’usk – the centurion

This boss has a shield that will not go down until all his allies are dead. Systematically kill all his friends, leaving 1 alive. Give your team time to prepare and then kill his final ally. After that then damage him as fast as you can. The important part of this fight is ensuring that people can damage him during the few seconds his shield is down.

Lokaar – the teleporting wizard

All this boss can do is teleport. When he teleports he will become tired. Shoot him.

Vorlog – the insecure shielded knight

Make sure your team has a variety of elemental weapons as he has an elemental shield that changes whenever it becomes lowered. This boss has nothing else, just the shield.

Alzok, Gornuk and Zyrok – the three wizards

If you have played WoW you will be familiar with the idea of “Kill everything at the same time”. These wizards should be individually bought down to low hp (10-15%) remaining before moving onto the next. Once they are all on low hp then kill them at the same time. While other tactics do work, this is the most consistent.

Cra’adug and Mengoor – the knights

These two bosses can only be damaged when they are next to each other. Whoever is being chased by them should communicate and attempt to bring them together. Once they are together then your team can damage them. Shadowshot (actually, just hunters in general) are amazing at keeping the bosses together.

Krughor – the ogre

Fairly easy unless you have teammates who like to kill the Cursed Thralls. You have to kill the Cursed Thralls when they are near Krughor in order to cause his shield to go down. This is the only way to make his shield go down so make sure your team knows to only kill the Thralls if they are near Krughor!

If this helps of if you know any better strategies then comment below and let me know!