Kael’thas (KT) is one of the most picked heroes in HOTS and for good reason! His damage output is incredibly high and his survivability (if talented correctly) is also pretty good. Let’s look at how you can counter this Hero League menace.

Strong picks against Kael’thas

  • Nova – Most people are fairly poor at using Nova as she is a hero that takes a while to master. However, a well played Nova can put a lot of pressure on a KT without even firing a shot, forcing him to always be scared of Nova’s presence.
  • Tyrael – Sometimes seen as being a weak choice but against KT and certain other heroes (Lili) then Tyrael is an excellent pick. Judgement allows you to engage on KT from a large distance and you are capable of soloing him unless he receives peels. If he is forced to use his spells on you then you have just soaked up a lot of damage from your teams squishier members.
  • Anub’arak – With good initiation and the ability to cocoon Kael’thas then Anub has all the tools he needs to control KT which allows his team to get a good position on him or kill the rest of his team first.
  • Falstad – A well played Falstad can avoid KT’s spells while dealing huge damage. A Gathering Power Falstad with talents to improve his spells is quite an effective assassin versus both KT and Jaina.

Bait his Arcane Barrierarcane barrier kt

As you can see on the right, this is a shield of around 1500+ which is a lot of extra health. If you can scare KT and force him to use this cooldown then he will be much weaker in the next fight (providing you can force a fight within the next 45 seconds).

Avoid Gravity Lapse

As with all skillshots in HOTS, moving erratically makes it harder for the enemy to hit you. Never move in a prpredictable line. If you think the enemy KT is about to use Gravity Lapse then he probably is! Gravity Lapse has a long cooldown and dodging it can often decide the game.

Do not kill your teammates

Living Bomb will damage everyone around the target who has it. If you see you have living bomb then move away from your team (where possible) to minimize the damage caused.

Do not clump together

kaelthas flamestrike

As you can see, empowered Flamestrikes have a large radius and should not be allowed to hit more than 1 person on your team.

Grouping too tightly is the difference between giving KT 25000 damage or 80000 damage at the end of the game. His single target damage is not amazing and should not be feared, it is his potential to AOE your entire team that you need to worry about. Keep a good spread and do not force yourself into choke points where an empowered Q can hit your whole team.

Anything to add?

Comment below if you know any other Kael’thas counters.