Li-Ming has entered The Nexus and has immediately impacted the meta. Countering Li-Ming is not an easy thing to do but there are ways to make playing against her much easier. While Li-Ming will probably be nerfed a little, I think she is going to continue to be strong and the counters below will be required to play against her efficiently.

Use minions to help you!

Li-Ming’s Magic Missiles and Arcane Orb impact upon the first target they encounter. Keep minions or another barrier between her and yourself and her damage will be negated severely. This is particularly noticeable on the map “Infernal Shrines”. The constantly spawning minions around the objectives make it very hard for Li-Ming to hit a well-positioned hero.

Move sideways

Do not take lessons from the Prometheus School of Running Away. Moving sideways is a much better approach to dodging her Q and W and therefore avoiding a large portion of her damage. When you are laning against her, randomly move and she will not be able to predict where to aim.

magic missiles

Magic Missiles travel in a straight line and intersect at a defined point. Moving sideways will let you avoid them all.

Check her talents

If you notice that Li-Ming has chosen teleport then you must save a stun for after she teleports. If you notice she is going Glass Cannon then you need to choose ultimates/talents that allow you to dive and reach her. Her talents are diverse and define her playstyle so always be wary of what she chooses and adapt accordingly.

Good heroes against Li-Ming

Zeratul – Shadow Assault Zeratul ruins Li-Ming’s day. She will be forced to build defensively to try and survive but even then you can kill her quite easily.

Greymane – Although she can poke you and stay at a long distance, Greymane can punish Li-Ming for coming near with huge burst and gap-closing ability.

Nazeebo – Nazeebo is really good as he has a lot of ways to block Li-Mings missiles and can do large amounts of damage while doing so.

Illidan/Tyrael/Butcher – These three heroes have strong dive potential but must be played cautiously. Wait for good moments to dive in and you will give Li-Ming some serious problems.

Thrall – Poke her at range while healing any poke she may have put onto you. Sunder allows you to catch her and the Windfury speed boost ensures that her teleport is not enough to escape you.

Know any more counters?

Comment below on what you think the best counters to Li-Ming are.