Nova is a hero that is easy to learn but very hard to master. Good Nova players make the enemy squishies play much more carefully without even firing a shot. The constant threat of her burst damage is always in the back of their minds as they frantically try to reposition favourably. Let’s look at how to counter Nova!

Good heroes to pick against Nova

  • Any high HP tank – Muradin/Diablo/Leoric
  • Tassadar – The aoe sight is very helpful but he must be very careful of her burst. It can kill him without triggering his E. Tassadar players who take the -20 second CD on D are very helpful against Nova and his E easily avoids Triple Tap and Precision Strike.

Eyesight is the best counter

Once you play enough against Nova/Zeratul you will become accustomed to spotting them. Always scan your screen if you expect they are around, the shimmer is very distinctive and although it is very punishing for new players, experienced players find spotting stealth very easy.

Moving erratically is the next best counter

Moving in a straight line makes it very easy for Nova players to hit you with Snipe. Moving strangely with no real reason makes you much harder to target as she cannot predict where you will go. If you watch any pro players in any MOBA game, they are always moving between every action, this is a good habit as it helps you avoid skillshots.

Forcing Nova to miss Snipe can sometimes win the teamfight as she relies on Snipe to deal the majority of her damage.

Do not be too aggressive

Good Nova players do not sit in a lane, they roam from lane to lane and seek to kill their enemies. Make it harder for them to find successful ganks by playing cautiously and pinging the map whenever you notice her. Once you know where Nova is the rest of your team can play accordingly.

Push together

Nova is very weak against strong pushes. If you have mercenaries with you, it is very hard for her to get into a good position to target your back line. If you have creeps to stand behind then you can make Nova’s job a lot more difficult.

Never go alone

If you are squishy, you should not walk alone unless you know where Nova is. If you need to soak xp then do so from max range and always be wary of Nova’s location and where she might be.

Nova is so squishy

Once found, Nova has no escape abilities( except Bolt of the Storm at level 20). Do not use all your damaging moves to kill her, Nova has low hp and does not need everyone to nuke her. Save some for the rest of her team.

Know any other Nova counters?

Comment below and let me know, I will add strong counters to the list.