Sonya has seen a meteoric rise in her win percentage thanks to some changes to her attacks. The fact that Slam no longer interrupts your auto attacks means that her DPS has risen considerably and she is now a highly contested pick and some now claim she is overpowered. Let’s look at how to counter her!

Strong picks against Sonya

  • ETC – Some of the strongest peels in the game can keep Sonya off your squishier teammates.
  • Diablo – Very strong peels.
  • Shrink Ray heroes – Tassadar/Tyrande/Uther or other heroes that can take Shrink Ray can prevent Sonya from dealing a lot of damage.
  • Muradin – Has a section below.
muradin ultimate

Muradin in ultimate form is one of Sonya’s biggest nightmares.


Muradin provides incredible peeling against Sonya. His ultimate interrupts her auto-attacks preventing a lot of her damage and he can always stay near her. He also does very large single target damage. Sonya almost has no choice but to start hitting Muradin which is what he wants! Muradin is definitely one of the best counters to Sonya right now.

Knockbacks are strong!

When Sonya uses her ultimate “Wrath of the Berserker” then she will reduce the duration of crowd control on her by 50%. This makes crowd control not as effective (but still good) against her. Knockbacks, however, are still as effective because Sonya still has to walk back to her target. This makes anyone with a knockback effective at peeling Sonya.

In addition to the above, crowd control can be very strong if you can hit Sonya with it before she uses Wrath of the Berserker. This makes instant cc quite effective and allows you to potentially stunlock her with no chance for her to use any abilities.

sonya spear

Sonya’s Spear travels in a straight line, making it very predictable.

Dodge her spear

If Sonya misses her spear then she does not receive Rage from it, she must also walk to her target. Dodging the spear is very important and as it is fairly predictable, you should not get hit from it too often. If you think she will throw the spear, move to the side instead of in a straight line.

Take Uther away from her

Uther and Sonya are devastating together. Divine Shield allows Sonya to dive deep into your squishies and wreak havoc. Consider taking Uther to prevent the enemy team from getting this combo. Uther can also do well against Sonya as Divine Shield prevents a lot of damage.

Do not let her Spin on your team!

A spinning Sonya does less damage than an autoattacking one (especially lategame). Sometimes it is best to let the Sonya spin. However, if she is spinning on several teammates then you need to CC her as soon as possible to reduce the sustain she will get from doing this.

Know any other Sonya counters?

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