With the latest patch then Undying has risen to be in a very strong position. His zombies were buffed to require auto-attacks to kill, his arch enemies Sniper, Troll and Axe were nerfed and comeback mechanics were changed to make early game more important. Undying is a hero who is a lane dominator who cannot be tower dived and he outright wins early to mid-game teamfights if played well(or if the enemy overextends). We are going to look at some of his weaknesses and how to exploit them! First let’s talk about the obvious counter.

Undying hates burst

Undying is all about surviving through consistent small heals. His ultimate and his Q both revolve around healing for small chunks of health. His tombstone also requires time to produce a sizeable amount of zombies. If you can burst him (undying has very low armour).

So basically, kill him before he can do anything. This counter works against all heroes so let’s look at other ways to stop Undying in his tracks.

Force pre-emptive tombstones

From watching a lot of patch 6.84 Chinese dota matches then it is clear that this is the preferred way of dealing with Undying (for Chinese professionals). When the tombstone is dropped then disengage and wait. Force it to be used then pull away.

Inexperienced Undying players will often drop Tombstones at the first sign of a fight breaking out. You can use this to your advantage by baiting a fight then running away.Force Undying to place a Tombstone in a bad position then simply go and push somewhere else. His Tombstone has a cooldown of 1 minute so if you find an opportunity to initiate while it is on cool-down then you are likely to win the fight. Early and mid-game you must be afraid of the Tombstone and avoid fighting near it wherever possible.

Split Push

As Undying is a hero that wants teamfights to occur, deny him this opportunity. Choose a team that can splitpush different lanes and whenever he appears in your lane then run away or 1v1 him (if you are able). Undying is not a strong 1v1 hero after the first 20 minutes have passed and most split pushers should be able to deal with him (or atleast run to another lane). Split pushing is so frustrating for an Undying player to play against as it makes him feel useless.

Also, as Undying has poor mobility he has to rely on teleports to get around quickly. Once his teleport is down you can force a fight elsewhere.

Go to late-game

Try to play a farm heavy game. Undying is an early to mid game bully who does not scale into late-game. While a lot of people argue that he scales because his ultimate is % based it is very rare that an Undying can walk up to a farmed enemy team and get near enough to debuff them before he dies or has to retreat. Undying is still a threat, just not as great as he once was as his tombstone can now be destroyed very quickly, stealing strength does not mean as much (although still good) and his small heals are no longer sufficient enough.

Black King Bar

Non of Undying’s skills go through BKB (zombies still spawn) so BKB is a natural counter to him.

Good heroes to pick against Undying

  • Gyrocopter – Flak hits all zombies in the area. Support Gyrocopter is actually great against Undying as he can nullify his zombies. Save your flak shots for when the next wave of zombies spawn and you can render the tombstone useless while still having an impact on the game with your ultimate, Rocket and Missile Barrage. Obviously a farmed Gyrocopter can also kill the tomb very quickly and when late-game comes around will be able to kill Undying with Flak shots very easily.
  • Sniper – Although he was nerfed, Sniper is still a big threat to Undying. . Sniper can destroy a poorly placed tombstone very quickly with his very high attack range. Early-game then Sniper can harass undying quite easily (although if he is laning with a friend you need to be careful). Late-game then Sniper will not let Undying come anywhere near him before he gets blown away.
  • Earthshaker – Earthshaker is always a solid hero to choose for your team. His ultimate does more damage when there are more enemy units nearby. Zombies count as a unit and therefore you have the chance for some devastating ultimates. Also, Undying is a hero with no escape moves and a good fissure can block him and stop him from escaping.
  • Silencer – One of the few heroes who Undying does not like to lane against. His ability to keep Undying on low mana can stop his aggression and make the lane a lot safer. Silencer is very squishy so you must keep your distance and not get too close.
  • Ember Spirit – His Sleight of Fist hits all the zombies and he has the ability to quickly escape from the range of his tombstone or use his high physical damage to kill it quickly.

Any suggestions?

This post will be updated frequently, if you have any suggestions on ways to counter Undying then comment below.