While Xul is a new hero, he is already being seen as a strong character. He has strong damage, pushing power and is not particularly squishy either. Here are some good ways to counter Xul.

Xul is weak to ganks

As his passive always pushes lanes, Xul is usually positioned forwards so he can soak experience. While his skeletons do also soak xp, they do so only if they land the killing blow. This means that there are many opportunities during lane phase to gank Xul or deny him experience. Let’s look more at this…

Let him push and then deny him experience

You should be looking to place a hero with strong duelling capabilities against Xul. His skeletons provide him with lots of lane momentum but can also be a hindrance to him. When his skeletons push the lane, stand between Xul and the creeps which should now be closer to your tower. This means he is not getting any experience and is a huge trade in your favour. Zagara is excellent at this and Xul also has problems clearing her Creep Tumors. Falstad is another strong choice.

Play around Mortal Wound

If Xul takes Mortal Wound (he should) then you must dodge his scythe as much as possible. It will reduce healing from Divine Palm and other strong ultimates which turns Palm from a strong ability to a very mediocre one. If you are Monk vs Xul, you should probably be choosing 7SS.

Check Xul’s talent choices and see if he chose the -4 second cooldown on scythe if it hits. If you notice him take this build then inform your team that they need to play very carefully and cannot rely on heals after level 20. On the plus side, if he takes this talent then he cant have chosen Executioner…

xul counters

Xul has one of the best master skins in the game! Counter this by demanding a new master skin for Arthas.

Dont choose a dive team

Diving against Xul and his huge autoattack debuff and Poison Nova is suicidal. Choose a team with long range that can poke before engaging. Xul has no tools to engage effectively and struggles against long range poke. Li-Ming, Lunara and Jaina are all strong against him and offer huge damage from long range.

Lunara is a good counter to Xul

Lunara is a good pick against Xul for two reasons. Firstly, she can always stay out of his range and kite him eternally barring help from his team. She has strong damage that Bone Shield is not very effective against.

The second reason would be to deprive the enemy team from picking Lunara with Xul. These two are a very strong combo with insane poison damage and once Xul gets his level 20 talent to reduce healing (Mortal Wound) then the poison damage can overwhelm teams very easily.

What do you think?

Any other strong Xul counters? Do you know any ways to counter this pesky necromancer? Comment below and share your ideas!