It’s time to celebrate because the Witcher 3 Expansion is upon us! Packed with lots of exciting content and tonnes to see and do. However, playing on Death March I soon encountered quite a problem in the form of the Toad Prince. It took me a few attempts to beat him which officially makes him harder than the other bosses encountered so far (the non-expansion part). Here are some tips on beating this gigantic Toad Prince without resorting to lowering the difficulty (Note that preparation really does help a lot for this boss).

Learn the  Toad’s pattern

The Toad Prince deals a lot of damage, but it’s attacks follow a fairly basic pattern. If you are far away it will fire poision clouds. If you are closer and infront of it then it will extend it’s tongue which pierces Quen and applies stun (and a lot of damage). It will also sometimes fire poison at you which also pierce through Quen. If you are close then it will jump and deal damage upon landing.

Once you can predict what attack it will do then avoiding damage becomes a lot easier. Roll away when he jumps and constantly circle him to avoid the other attacks.

Yrden stuns him (Axii too!)

It became apparent that trying to beat him up with my sword (I usually run master Ursine Armor and Swords with full sword talents as I prefer to play this way) was fruitless. The Toad jumps way to much and the most I could ever land on him was 1 attack before I had to back away.

The only way I could ever hit him with 3 heavy attacks was to trap him with Yrden first. This stuns him for a few seconds and allows you to land 2 or 3 hits before having to back away. I recommend talenting Yrden as it allows you to place more down and give you more time to swing away at him. You have to be patient at luring him onto the traps.

Ranged attacks with bleed/burn effects

While normal crossbow bolts deal 1 damage, the higher level bolts do a significant chunk of his health and apply effects such as bleed. If you have enough bolts you could run in circles, slowly killing him, while never taking damage. While this is not as fun as hacking and slashing it is definitely a safer way to kill him. Look for bolts that cause bleed effects (or similar).

Similarly, if you are using a magic build then using Igni deals a lot of consistent damage and allows you to avoid taking damage by staying at range and constantly moving sideways to avoid his attacks.

Use decoctions

Combining Ekhidna and the Archgriffin decoctions turn Geralt into an absolute monster. Arcgriffin deals 10% of the enemies total vitality upon landing a melee attack (at the cost of depleting your stamina bar) and Ekhidna restores your vitality whenever you use stamina. The 2 decoctions form a very potent combo that render Geralt virtually unkillable except by extremely high amounts of damage. Although I did not try this method against the Toad Prince, it is very effective against other bosses and no doubt will be just as effective against this one.

Heal with Quen

Talenting Quen to heal upon taking damage means you can use the Toad’s poison clouds to heal yourself if required (you can only use the poison to heal, everything else pierces the shield). If you are playing on Death March then no doubt you have already got this talent as it feels almost essential.

How did you kill the Toad Prince?

This guide will be updated with more ideas later!