When you start playing MGSV: The Phantom Pain you will think that GMP is plentiful. You can buy lots of upgrades and it is not until you want to purchase the expensive upgrades that you realise you need more! There is also an achievement to earn 10 million GMP which may or may not require you to earn additional GMP (Right now it feels like the story missions will be enough) Here are some tips on how to get more GMP.

Rough Diamonds

Ever seen small glinting things on the ground? These are rough diamonds and will earn you between 10000 and 100000 GMP for each one you collect. Sometimes they even appear on the Mother Platform. Interrogating enemies will often reveal locations of nearby diamonds.

Invest in the Base Development Platform!

This platform automatically generates resources for you. The earlier you build this the sooner you can benefit from the resources. Prioritize upgrading this first, the extra resources will allow you to develop you base much faster.

Complete Side Ops

These are very easy ways to earn some fast GMP and usually another bonus too! The missions you can complete at Mother Base are very easy to do (usually shooting things down) and give you a quick 30000 GMP.

Mission bonuses and ratings

If you complete your mission and the extra bonuses you will earn more GMP. In addition, completing missions without being discovered, killing or sounding any alarms will earn you more GMP.

Utilise Combat Dispatch!

Once you unlock the ability to create a Combat Unit then you can equip the unit with your best fighters and let them earn GMP. You can choose between low risk/low reward missions which gives you a small consistent income or the high risk/high reward missions which can be very lucrative if you have a strong combat team.

Eventually some of the missions will require you to have vehicles. You cannot purchase your own so you have to fulton enemy vehicles during your missions.

You can sell things!

Everything you airlift (Fulton) out can be sold. Do not forget to sell unwanted things.

If you know any other ways to earn GMP then comment below!