After you have played MGSV for a while then you will notice that you have a side ops mission to “Extract a wandering Mother Base soldier”. These are soldiers that worked for you 9 years ago and survived the explosion. Since then they have wandered around Afghanistan and Africa. Why they have not been noticed until now is unclear but what is certain is that you must extract them all to unlock the Memento Photos and to help you gain the achievement “Reminiscence”.

The standard extraction method

When you approach a wandering Mother Base soldier they will run away from you. You have to hit them with tranquillizer rounds until they fall over. Some soldiers will throw smoke grenades or use more lethal weapons so you must be careful! Shoot them with tranqs until they fall asleep then fulton them out of there. It is possible (although hard as they move so erratically) to sneak up and CQC/headshot the soldier.

Ask a Buddy (Easy)

Equip Quiet with a tranquillizer rifle, have her take up a position where she can view the soldier and snipe him. He will instantly sleep and you will be able to approach and fulton him without a problem.

D-Dog can also keep him busy while you run up and CQC him.

cardboard box

The trusty Cardboard Box finds yet another use.

Easy Method (Cardboard Box Method)

When you are near the soldier equip a cardboard box. When the solider sees you then he will approach you because he will recognise you (in previous games then Big Boss has been known to use cardboard boxes extensively). It is a small nod towards the cardboard box and it’s many uses throughout the entire history of Metal Gear games. Take a look at the video below to see how this works!

Easy Method (Music Tape)

Equip the tape “Koi no Yokushiryoku (Love Deterrence)” from music tape 1 and play that music as you approach the soldier. He will recognise the music and realise you are friendly. He will willingly let you extract him.

I don’t have this mission what can I do?

If you do not have this mission then do some of your other side ops. Eventually this mission will appear.

What can I do with the photos they give me?

You can give the photos to Paz to complete the achievement “Reminiscence”. You can find her on the medical platform. She rests after handing her each picture but you can use the Phantom Cigar to speed up time if you wish to hand herseveral.

Any questions or know any other methods?

Comment below and let me know.