The Chaperone is a new exotic shotgun in Destiny: The Taken King. The quests to get this shotgun are fairly time-consuming.

How do I start this mission?

To start the mission to get the Chaperone you must have already beaten the main story in The Taken King. You also need a crucible rank of 3 or more. If you have these then go and speak to Amanda Holliday to acquire this quest called “Jolly Holliday”. Follow the steps below to get your hands on this sweet looking shotgun!

Step 1 – Kill people in The Crucible

You must have The Last Word equipped (but you do not need to use it). If you are killed then you will lose points so you should play safely and try to accumulate as many points as you can without dying.

You have to build your bar up to 100%. Kills give you 1% and headshots give you 2%. Deaths give you -2%. Killstreaks give you bonus points (always go for killstreaks). Deathmatches are not good for completing this. Play objective based modes instead.

Step 2 – Spend 15000 Glimmer

You must buy a Generous Donation from Cryptarch Master Rahoo who can be found within the Tower Plaza.

Step 3 – Back to the crucible (or kill difficult enemies)

Use a shotgun to kill players in the crucible. This time you will not lose points for dying (thank god). You can also earn points by using a shotgun to kill high level enemies (although The Crucible is arguably faster). You can damage them with another weapon and use a shotgun to get the killing blow.

Step 4 – Beat the Shield Brothers (with a shotgun)

The Shield Brothers are on the Dreadnaught. You have to use a shotgun to get the killing blow on both of them. Like the last task, you can damage them with another weapon then use a shotgun to finish them off.

You have now finished all the tasks!

Wait for the weekly reset and The Chaperone will be yours!