While at first this seems like a fairly tough opponent, you can actually beat him using very little effort. Imlerith has a large shield so attacking him from the front is pointless. You must encircle him and attack from the rear. For the first 2/3 of his health bar, do the following.

Phase 1

  • Stay near Imlerith, slightly to his left (his shield hand)
  • When he attacks, dodge counter-clockwise around him. Dodge, don’t roll.
  • He should still be swinging forwards so now strike him in the back once or twice.
  • Back away, use Quen, eat food if necessary and repeat until he enters his next phase.

Phase 2

Imlerith will drop his shield and start teleporting a lot. He also becomes very predictable and follows the same pattern repeatedly. He will teleport to you, swing his weapon then again teleport and swing his weapon and finally teleport and deliver a massive overhead swing. After this swing then you have a roughly 2 second window to deal damage. Do the following.

  • Roll away from his first teleport. Do not attack him during it. Just watch him swing and avoid it.
  • Repeat for his second teleport, again do not attempt to attack.
  • His third teleport attack looks like an overhead smash. Roll to the side and immediately attack him during the time it takes him to pick up his weapon.
  • Repeat this until he is dead


  • You can buy lots of food before this fight at the camp at the foot of the mountain. While you shouldn’t need much, if you run into difficulty you can always roll away from him while replenishing health and he will never be able to get near you.
  • There is a place of power just before the fight, pick this up for a free skill point.
  • Quen is your friend, always have this up and if you take a hit then prioritise using Quen again before going near him.
  • While you can use Ignis to remove his ice armour, it is probably better to just use Quen. You should not be taking damage with the method above.

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