While this fight may at first appear difficult, It is very similar to most fights in this game that require you to fight creatures bigger than yourself.

The key is to hit him once then immediately roll away from his attack. Do not try to go for 2 attacks unless his back is turned. Make sure you roll and not dodge as only the roll can take you far away enough to avoid his swings. You can execute this sequence as many times as it takes to kill him. While it might not be the most noble way, I was able to kill him while on less than 100hp due to running out of food earlier during the quest.

Repeat this to kill Old Speartip

  • Use Quen before any attack you will make, this will absorb one strike from Old Speartip.
  • Approach Old Speartip (preferably from behind but any direction will do)
  • Attack once (Strong attack is fine, fast attack gives you more time to roll away)
  • Immediately roll away, if you are slow you will get hit once but your Quen shield will absorb this.
  • Wait for your stamina to recharge then cast Quen again,
  • Repeat until Old Speartip is dead

You do not need to use potions or oils to kill him

While it will make killing him faster, this method will always work and will save your valuable resources to be used elsewhere.

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