Murky is as unintimidating as Hero designs get. He’s small, brightly coloured and speaks gibberish. Even so, in the right hands he is a force to be reckoned with. From powerful siege damage potential to controlling the flow of engagements, a well played Murky is guaranteed to bring much frustration to your opponents. But why would you choose to play Murky?


Where death is the ultimate no-no for every other Hero, Murky’s quarter XP on kill means he can use self-sacrifice as a way to turn the tide of battle. Sure, you don’t want to die all the time, but a death in order to take out a tower is well worth it in terms of the XP exchange. They get only 25% of what killing a regular Hero is and you get the full cost of taking down a tower.

Even so, Murky’s power comes not from his self-sacrifice so much as his ability to stay alive for as long as possible. Provided you pick Living the Dream at level 4, the sheer amount of damage you put out reaches extreme heights, giving you enough siege damage to clear a lane faster than it takes enemies to reach you. Murky is well known for often breaking 300,000 XP in siege damage during a single game.


In terms of strategy, you face two options at the very beginning. The first is to use Pufferfish and Slime strictly on enemy minions. This will speed up just how quickly your lane pushes. As soon as your minions are soaking tower ammo damage, you can begin Sliming and slapping away at their defenses alongside Pufferfish, backing when your minions are depleted. The downside to this playstyle is that you will definitely run into tough opposition from behind the enemy’s gate. Since they can see you but you can’t see them, they can easily pick you off before you have the chance to do any serious damage to their fortifications.

murky pufferfish

So annoying to deal with. Puffer Fish can deal incredible amounts of damage.

The second option is to use basic attacks and slime on enemy minions while spitting Pufferfish at the towers each time its cooldown finishes. This gives you damage on both fronts, leading to easier pushes later on in the game. However, this does mean less lane push. It also gives the enemies more chances to kill you, especially if they are ranged.

Assuming there’s a Hero in your lane, the first option is the best. It allows you to do damage from a safe distance and reduces the chance you’ll be killed. If there’s no one in your lane, go for the second choice to take full advantage of unguarded towers.

In addition to this, there’s your egg to worry about. This home base is what allows you to respawn so quickly. This means it is advantageous to lay it as close to where you’re pushing as possible. That being said, you don’t want to lay it where it will be easily found and destroyed. Many times stealth Heroes will spend time hunting for your egg. Because of this, spend time studying maps to locate tactical positions for its safekeeping. On the other hand, it doesn’t always need to be close to where you are. In fact, pushing a lane as far away from your egg as possible means you can stay in a lane dealing damage until you die with the sole purpose of resurrecting on the exact opposite side of the map to then immediately begin pushing where you know the enemies aren’t.

In regards to merc camps, Bribe is essential to up keeping harassment. Because your death counts for very little, you are free to head to their camps and grab their siege giants in only a few seconds before remounting and heading somewhere else. If they catch you doing this, it’s only a few seconds of death. In addition, the death means you simply appear back at a more favorable position.

As far as later game Murky is concerned, you need to be always moving from one lane to another. The fewer enemy defenses there are, the easier it is for them to defend, resulting in a much higher chance of death for you. Because of this, you’ll want to arrive at an unguarded fort and lay one to two Pufferfish before heading out. If March of the Murlocs is up, summon that, lay a Pufferfish and switch lanes. Once merc camps are up, grab them.

In essence, focus on being as annoying as possible.

Recommended build

Level 1 – Bribe

Fast merc grabs are key to sustained harassment.

Level 4 – Living the Dream

With 15% extra damage to all of your abilities and attacks so early on in the game, you can deal crippling blows before anyone has their heroics.

Level 7 – Compressed Air

A wider range means more damage to more structures.

Level 10 – March of the Murlocs

With such a wide attack, you can target and seriously wound an entire line of defense.

Level 13 – Wrath of Cod

Take this with Slimy Pufferfish to create a shockingly destructive explosion.

Level 16 – Slimy Pufferfish

Now you don’t have to Slime things yourself before launching Pufferfish.

Level 20 – Rewind

murky murloc march

What is better than 1 Murloc? Hundreds!

Double Pufferfish by end game can take out towers in seconds.

Murky siege build summary

The Pufferfish build is all about synergy. Specializing in the talents that bolster this attack make for a startling damage dealer that lays waste to enemies while breaking their lines of defense. By opting for damage over survivability in a Hero that was not meant to survive for long anyways, you create a siege-wrecking machine that cannot be replicated by any other Hero. Left on his own, he can push lanes and influence map control, allowing his team to clean up objectives unopposed.

It is also extremely efficient in that you deal maximum damage. Instead of wasting talents on Safety Bubble, you are putting them toward a siege build that cannot be countered. Even if the enemy team has a Hero that continually tries to hunt you down, landing one Pufferfish is enough to turn the tide of battle.

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