The first Witcher 3 expansion is upon us! Time for another 10+ hours of entertainment. You have 3 ways to start Hearts of Stone.

Load any previous saved game. 

Hearts of Stone will be added to your journal in any saved game in which you have already completed the prologue for.

Start a new game

After competing the prologue Hearts of Stone will be added to your journal. Note that the expansion is recommended for level 30+ characters so you will have to complete a lot of the abse game before attempting Hearts of Stone.

Select Hearts of Stone only

Selecting this mode will give you a pre-prepared level 32 character that you can use to play Hearts of Stone.

Having trouble starting the expansion?

If you are having trouble starting the game, try resetting your console or downloading the expansion again. A lot of players have reported that they had to download the expansion again in order for it to work.