This is the fastest Amber to unlock Compsognathus (also known as Compies) in free play. This is good because you need this dinosaur to complete puzzles that involve going into the thin green tubes that are dotted around the islands. See the video below and you will see how to unlock this Amber in under 15 seconds.

The Amber is on top of the Mobile Lab

The Amber is on top of the Mobile Lab.

You can get the Compsognathus amber during the level “InGen Arrival” and the stage “Mobile Lab”. Once the level has loaded and the words “Checkpoint!” appear then swap to the character who is above you. Use him to jump up the ladder that is on the side of the Mobile Lab. You do not need to wait for your friend to climb the rope. Once you have the Amber then exit and save the game to keep your Amber without having to finish the level.