Read on to find out how to unlock this new exotic scout rifle for Destiny: The Taken King. The rifle takes quite a while to unlock and sometimes requires waiting a day for another quest to become available. It is worth it though as it is an incredible weapon!

Note: that there are lots of unconfirmed theories surrounding how to obtain the quest Lost and Found. Some people say that you need to be rank 3 with the Queen’s Wrath Faction. Likely, you just have to wait for a reset for it to appear but once more information becomes available I will update

First step – The Taken War

Pick up the quest The Taken War: Petra from Petra Venj (found on the Reef). The quest involves killing Taken Champions. Try to do this quest with help from other people as the mobs are tough to kill. The Taken champions drop the quest item you need to complete this quest. Just killing 1 is not enough you need to do this twice on each planet until the quest is completed.

Step 2 – Wolves of Mars

Pick up this quest from Variks who is also at the Reef. He wants you to kill Fallen Pirates which are easy to find. Keep completing quests for this guy until the next quest from Petra becomes available. People are not certain whether you need 100% completion on this quest line before being able to obtain the Boolean Gemini.

Step 3 – Lost and Found

You have to patrol the Dreadnaught and kill enemies in 3 different locations (The Mausoleum, Hall of Souls, Hull Breach). Complete the quest and then pick up the next one.

Step 4 – Court of Oryx

Proceed to the Court of Oryx and complete a tier 1 event. You will receive a “Tech Witch Brooch”. Go back to Petra and collect your hard-earned rifle!

Hope this helps!