MGSV contains a final mission titled “The Truth – The Man Who Sold the World”. To unlock this mission you have to meet certain requirements within the game. There are a lot of rumours about what needs to be completed before the secret mission appears but below are the actual requirements.

The requirements for unlocking the final mission are:

  • Complete the story missions

Complete all the main story missions (not the optional harder missions). Any mission that is relevant to the story must be completed but the repeat missions do not have to be.

  • Complete the story based side ops missions. 

    Keep Quiet MGSV

    It is possible to unlock the final mission without completing Quiet’s story mission. Use the Butterfly as your emblem to keep her.

These are the side ops missions that have a yellow mark next to them. This does NOT include side op 150 which is related to Quiet. It is possible to unlock the secret mission without completing Quiet’s side mission. The other story missions are all marked with yellow marks. Work your way to completing these as you go through the story missions.

  • Upgrade Mother Base

Some people say you have to fully upgrade Mother Base but my Mother Base was mainly level 3 when the final mission unlocked.

  • Unmark / Listen to the story cassettes 

If you are not a fan of listening to the cassettes then you can quickly go through the list clicking on each tape with a yellow mark. This will count as listening to them without actually having to play them fully.

I have all of these completed but the mission has not appeared

Go to Mother Base and if the above requirements have been met then the mission will appear in your mission list. It will have a yellow mark next to it.

Hope this helps!

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