The First Curse is a fairly hard to obtain (and incredibly time consuming) hand cannon available in the Destiny expansion The Taken King. Read on to find out how to unlock this weapon. To start this quest you need to be rank 5 with Banshee-44 (the Gunsmith in The Tower)

Note: Be aware that this is heavily time gated behind at least 2 Armsdays so the bare minimum time you can get this in would be 8 days (assuming incredibly fast completion of the other quests). It is more realistic to expect this to take 2 or 3 weeks depending on how efficient you are in The Crucible.

First step – Lots of Hand Cannon kills

destiny unlock the first curse

250 Hand Cannon kills is a small price to pay for this sweet gun! The next step is more debatable…

No way around this, you have to rack up 250 hand cannon kills with a Primary or Hand Cannon Telemetry active. Get out there and get it done!

Step 2 – Speak to Banshee and wait

Go and talk to Banshee at the Tower Watch which, unsurprisingly, can be found in The Tower. You must then wait for the next Armsday. Armsday is every Wednesday. Wait for it to roll around and for Tex Machanica’s Armsday delivery to be completed. then…

Step 4 – Speak to Banshee again

After Armsday go and speak to Banshee again. Now, if you don’t like The Crucible I have some very bad news for you…

Step 5 – Infuse the weapon with kill sprees and precision kill sprees

This can be a very frustrating step. You must get 7 kill sprees (any type is ok) in order to infuse the weapon. This is best done by playing a ranged class (like sniper) as you can play safer and die less. A kill spree is counted anytime you kill 3 people without dying. Do this 7 times.

You then need 7 precision kill sprees. A precision kill spree is defined as 3 kills with precision damage as the fatal shot within a life. Basically, 3 fatal headshots without dying counts as 1 precision kill spree, so you need to do this 7 times. Again, sniping is a good choice.

Once you have done this then return to Banshee.

Step 6 – More waiting

You must wait for the next Armsday. Once it arrives then speak to Banshee again and obtain The First Curse.

If you have any questions regarding this quest line then ask below.