For anyone wanting to get 100% in Just Cause 3 you will find that the challenges are the hardest part. Most of the other achievements are relatively simple but some challenges (especially the wingsuit challenges) can be very frustrating. Here are some tips/tricks to help you get 5 gears. This guide will mainly talk about the different races as they are (arguably) the most difficult challenges. If there are any specific challenges you want help with then comment below and I will help you out.

Racing Challenge Tips

You should find the F1 car before you start to seriously attempt these challenges. I have written a guide on unlocking the F1 car. With this car you should find the challenges much easier as it is the fastest car in the game and has exceptional handling too. If you are not allowed to use the F1 car you can still use Rebel Drop to drop it in and then enter it after the race starts. For off-road races you should obviously not use this car but the off-road races were fairly easy.

Wingsuit Challenge Tips

The wingsuit is incredibly fun. Remember you need to fly through the very centre of all the rings (although you can slightly miss 2 and still get perfect). Patience is the key here. You must memorise the course and then start thinking about how to position yourself in order to reach the centre of each ring. Using the air brake is tempting but it can make it harder for you to keep momentum going so use it as little as possible.

Sea Challenge Tips

The default boat seems to be the best as it has a good mix of speed and handling. You need Boat Nitrous for the later races. Take the shortest route possible and always be mindful of turning. Do not over/under steer but always align the boat so you can drive straight for as long as possible while utilising the Nitrous.

Plane Challenges

CS7 Thunderhawk is the fastest plane as the one you want to use as much as possible. Remember to use your Plane Nitrous as much as possible. Helicopters all feel ok to use (except the slow lumbering ones). Just choose the one you feel handles the best as manoeuvrability is very important in these challenges.

Weapon Training Course Tips

As someone has asked about this here is my advice, do not miss the bullseye. When you miss a target your multiplier becomes reset which means you will fail to get 5 gears. Take slightly more time than you normally would to ensure perfection.

Have any other tips?

If you have any easy ways to earn 5 gears on these challenges then comment below and let me know.