When I first started playing Just Cause 3 I tried to get 5 gears in every challenge mode I could as I thought this was the only way I could obtain all the mods. However this is wrong and I could have earned the final mod a lot faster if I only got 4 stars for all the challenges.

You obtain your last wingsuit mod after you get 105 gears. The total number of gears available for perfecting all the challenges is 135. This means you can afford to not get 5 gears in all of the challenges. You can get 4 in all of them and still have a couple of gears spare. If you are only wanting those sweet sweet mods then this means you can relax and stop sweating over getting that 5th gear for those difficult challenge modes.

What are the reasons to get 5 gears in all the challenges?

If you get all perfects then you will unlock the achievement “All the Gears”. This is enough for most people to want to attempt it as it is a very satisfying feeling.

If you want some tips on how to get 5 gears on some of the flying/racing challenges then you can go here to view my guide.

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