The F1 car is the fastest car in Just Cause 3. Even though there is often not much need for vehicles as the wingsuit/parachute essentially lets you fly everywhere the F1 car is a lot of fun to drive and can help get you out of some tight spots (and looks badass). You can find the car randomly but there is also a way to unlock it easily and reliably. You need to find this car as part of the “Caught ‘Em All” achievement.

How to get the F1 car

just cause 3 city sprint f1

  • Go to Insula Striate and liberate the Regno Province. This is not hard as it is a very small place.
  • Join the land race (called City Sprint) in the north-western corner of the province.
  • Upon winning this race you will have the F1 car in your possession. Take it to your garage and it will become available for Rebel Drop.

Is there an easier way to get the F1 car?

If you know any easier way then please comment and let me know. As far as I know, this is the most reliable way barring randomly finding it.