Just Cause 3 is a lot of fun but I am so frustrated by the slow loading times (although not as frustrated as the many people who have it for PC and have countless installation/game rendering issues). Here is a simple tip to improve the load speed as no-one enjoys waiting for 2 minutes to play a 90 second challenge (or failing after 10 seconds in my case). I am unsure if this is the same with Xbox but I imagine it might be.

Clear the PS4 cache

After playing for a while, usually around the 2 hour mark then my Just Cause 3 loading times increase significantly. Turning off my PS4 and waiting for 2 or 3 minutes will clear the cache and upon reloading the game I will be able to enjoy fast(er) loading times of around 20 seconds instead of 2 minutes. Remember, you must actually turn it off and not set to rest mode or restart. You must also wait for a good 2 or 3 minutes or there will be no change.

Turn PS4 into offline mode

Turning your PS4 into offline mode will help shave some seconds off the loading time (some people apparently experience a drastic boost in performance). This stops Just Cause 3 from constantly updating the leaderboards which can be very slow depending upon your internet speed.

Did this work?

Let me know if this helped/didn’t help. While this is annoying to have to do it helps my loading so much that I feel it is a necessity. I’m unsure if they will give us an optimization patch but I hope they do. Comment below if you have any questions or other solutions.