I love ladybugs. When I was little, I would visit my grandfather every summer. One summer, they actually had some ladybugs lay eggs in one of the guest bathrooms, in the shower. They hatched, and it was incredible to see the what seemed like hundreds of red ladybugs.

Even now, my mother calls my oldest ladybug. I’ve always just loved the “luck” of finding one.

So when it comes to birthday party themes, a Ladybug theme is nothing but the most adorable for a little girl (or boy). It’s actually really easy too, which is a bonus.

Here are some ideas for your next Ladybug theme birthday party.

Ladybug Themed Party Ideas


Decoration Ideas:

Craft & Game Ideas:

Food Ideas:

  • Ladybug Cookies
  • Ladybugs made out of veggies (pictured above)
  • Ladybug Pretzels
  • Ladybug Oreo Pops (pictured above)
  • Bug Juice (Tree Top Cherry-Lime & Sprite)

Favor Ideas:

To save you a ton of time, you can find many of these ideas in the Ladybug Themed package from Just Pretend Kids! Besides your party essentials, it also includes a birthday costume too – to make the birthday girl feel extra special on her big day!

Ladybug Themed Party Ideas

How cute is this one??