Lego Jurassic World has received quite a lot of hype as it is being released alongside a new Jurassic Park movie. As soon as it was released, I bought and played the story mode through to completion then played a considerable amount of free-play. Now I feel I can inform people on if this game is worth the price tag. Let’s start by looking at both the strengths and weaknesses of this game.

Good Features of JurassicWorld

The best features of the game (in no particular order)

Iconic Jurassic Park moments

From the moment you load up the game and are greeted by the music of John Williams, you are surrounded by Dinosaurs and references to the Jurassic Park movies. This is by far the biggest selling point of the game and one that has been done superbly. The attention to detail is high, whether it is the voice clips that are taken straight fom the movies or having to fight your way through famous areas from the movies. (Such as the famous kitchen scene you can watch below).


The comedy is excellent and light-hearted. If you are considering buying this game for a child then there is nothing that is even close to being scary or of an adult nature. In true Lego style, even the moments of horror are done in a humorous fashion. For example, instead of someone being eaten by a T-Rex he is seemingly swallowed, only to appear later inside the mouth of the T-Rex brushing his teeth with a toilet brush (yes really).

LEGO® Jurassic World™

Not only are some of the moments funny, they can be very strange indeed.


The graphics have been much improved since the last Lego game. While there is nothing that comes close to challenging a PS4/Xbox’s processing power, the game looks smooth and crisp. I think that the view distance could have been turned up, as the background can sometimes be a touch too hazy and seeing more dinosaurs on the horizon would help immersion.

Not so good Features of Jurassic Park

Although out-weighed by the positives, this game does suffer from some small problems.


I am not a fan of quick-time events. Most of the dinosaur fights are done in a quick-time style where you must press a button within a 2-3 second window. It is fine for a game to include a little quick-time, I don’t feel it is acceptable for a game to allow entire boss fights (such as the T-Rex vs Raptor) to pass with quick-time as your only interaction.

This fight involves shooting the dinosaur that is in the bushes. If you shoot the wrong bush then she will leap at you and start a quick time event.

This fight involves shooting the dinosaur that is in the bushes. If you shoot the wrong bush then she will leap at you and start a quick time event.

Repetitive enemies

While the levels are superbly designed and each of them look unique, the dinosaurs and enemies are sadly not so varied. You will learn to hate the small dinosaurs called Compsognathus (although the characters will thankfully refer to them as Compies ). They are small chicken sized dinosaurs that will attack you regularly throughout most jungle levels. Targeting them in combat is a pain and although they are easy to kill, the fact that they exist throughout the whole game is a bit disappointing. There are some other types of dinosaur that sometimes attack you and it is very refreshing when they do.

I do understand why Lego did this, however, as it would feel absurd if the small Lego characters were capable of beating off wave after wave of 10 tonnes dinosaurs. The smaller enemies also make the larger ones look more awe-inspiring when you first see them.

Neither good nor bad features (AKA it is your opinion)

There are some areas that people will have different opinions on.

Game easiness

At no point throughout the story mode where I felt challenged. The hardest moments were simply figuring out what to do next which usually involved exploring the area until I found something I missed. Game difficulty is a tricky subject to talk about as people have varying ideas on how challenging a game should be. For Lego Jurassic World, I think difficulty is not an important factor and although it might be nice to have some tricky areas, the game has been designed to showcase the iconic moments from Jurassic Park, not to challenge the player.

LEGO® Jurassic World™

The chases look amazing and the movement and camera feel very smooth.

Same old Lego gameplay

From Lego Indiana Jones to Lego Star Wars to Jurassic World. The Lego gameplay has always revolved around solving puzzles by using your characters correctly. The usual pattern is a character taking a path only he/she can take and then finding a way to let the other character through (usually dropping a ladder or building something to lift an object out of the way).

The old "Create a bridge using whatever we can find nearby" approach is one you will often use.

The old “Create a bridge using whatever we can find nearby” approach is one you will often use.

While maintaining the same Lego feeling is fine, some players and fans of the series may be expecting more innovation. Free roam is great but it does not change the gameplay at all, it only allows you to decide what order you wish to do things.

Look at Story Mode

The Story Mode lasts about 12 hours if played through at a relatively fast pace (you will have to replay levels to find all the hidden items and to get 100% completion then I estimate it will take around 40-50 hours). The levels are all based around iconic places from the Jurassic Park franchises and have a lot of hidden extras to find such as Amber which unlocks a dinosaur that you can customize. While playing, you will unlock the characters you play as and make them available for free play. This means that you often have to play the story mode before you can complete a puzzle you have found during free play. You will also unlock vehicles that can be spawned during free play.

Free Play

You can explore the three islands from the movies using a wide variety of vehicles that you can unlock, the vehicles make getting around very fast and efficient. While exploring, you will find workers in distress, Golden Bricks and other similar hidden items which usually have a puzzle nearby that must be solved to access them. Usually the puzzles are as simple as swapping to another character that can climb, or a character that can start electric generators.

The environment you are exploring looks fantastic, with Dinosaurs everywhere. Some of the free play locations (such as the Brachiosaurus in the lake) are taken straight from the movies and will definitely make you feel nostalgic.

Conclusion to this Lego Jurassic World review

If you are any of the following then you should probably buy this game:

  • A big fan of Jurassic Park
  • A fan of Lego games in general
  • Wanting to buy a fun game for your young children
  • Want a simple game to help you relax after a hard day at work

If you are looking for difficult gameplay, hard puzzles and challenging enemies then this game is definitely not for you, but this style of gameplay is not what Lego games are about. They are about entertainment and light-hearted fun and that is something that Lego always manages to do very well. I hope this review has been useful and please leave comments below on what you think about this game.