Here you can find where to unlock all the buddies in MGSV: The Phantom Pain. Buddies are entirely optional but they all change the way you approach each mission. There are 4 buddies in total and they all have vastly different skills and uses. D-Horse is useful for travelling large distances and for ambushing convoys. D-Dog is good for infiltration and taking out groups of enemies. Quiet deals high amounts of damage and is excellent for taking out enemies and helping deal damage to bosses. The final buddy is called D-Walker. D-Walker is capable of both stealth and attack and can be upgraded to fill a large variety of roles.

Although it was reported that buddies can die permanently. This feature was not implemented into the game. Buddies will be extracted back to Mother Base when they take too much damage.

Unlock D-Horse

D-Horse is given to you after you finish the games introductory mission. You do not have to do anything to unlock him as you will start the mission mounted on him.

Where to find D-Dog

D-Dog is the first buddy available for you to unlock. When you are near D-Dog’s location then you will be told by radio that there is a wild dog nearby and you will be able to hear him barking. The location is north of Spugmay Keep which is in southern Afghanistan. Usually you will encounter him during mission 5 as you must go close to this area. If you take a different route, however, it is very easy to miss him.

Where to find D-Dog

Approach D-Dog and use the Fulton device on him to airlift him to the Mother Base. After 5 in-game days you will be able to use him as your buddy. Make sure you return and visit him often at base.

quiet MGSV

The controversially clad Quiet is found during mission 11.

Where to find Quiet

Quiet is a buddy with a pretty deep backstory and a very strong sniper rifle! You will find her during mission 11: Cloaked in Silence but she does not become available until a bit later. Quiet initially has a lethal sniper rifle but can be upgraded with a tranquilizer sniper rifle allowing her to be used in non-lethal approaches.

Guide to beating the Quiet boss fight

Where to find D-Walker

You will encounter a scientist named Emmerich during side op mission 82. You will bring him back to mother base and he will start to work for you. A few missions later he will approach you with an idea about his latest walker. D-Walker becomes available as soon as you finish mission 13: Pitch Dark. You can airdrop him into your location and  immediately start walking/rolling around!

D-Walker features a built in tranquilizer gun and stealth mode!

D-Walker features a built in tranquillizer gun and stealth mode! You can eventually upgrade him with powerful weaponry (both ranged and CQC) and other tactical gadgets. Outfit him for stealth or combat as the mission requires.

These are the 4 buddies you can choose from.