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There are lots of different elements of MGSV. This page will attempt to answer some questions you may have regarding the gameplay or certain elements of the MGSV storyline. If you have any other questions then ask below and I will do my best to answer.

Why does my I-Droid take a long time to load?

If you have poor internet (or a poor connection via Wi-Fi) then your I-Droid may run very slowly as it connects to your internet. If you prevent the game from using internet then it will run smoothly as it will not try to go online.

What do the helicopter speakers do?

When you buy the speakers they are equipped automatically. Select what song you want to play and choose a drop point for your helicopter. When it appears you will hear the music. It has not been reported to have any effect on the gameplay.

How can I earn more GMP?

See this guide on earning more GMP.

Why does Venom Snake grow a horn?

As you do more “evil” acts you will earn demon points and cause the horn to grow. Doing “good” acts will reduce your points and cause it to shrink. Evil acts include killing injured enemy soldiers, killing animals etc. Good acts involve fultoning wounded enemy soldiers, saving animals etc. You cannot see your Demon points.

If you gain too many demon points then your clothes will become permanently bloodstained and leave a trail wherever you move (that enemies can follow).

Where can I find interpreters? 

Interpreters usually appear during certain missions. If you do not extract them during the mission then a side op will become available telling you to extract the interpreter. Check your side op missions.

What does the legendary gunsmith do?

After extracting the Legendary Gunsmith you can customize your weapons. You have to find this target 3 times before you unlock all the customization options.

What is the best buddy?

For mobility D-Horse is your best choice, he’s also good at disabling vehicle convoys and causing chaos with his “Do It” command. D-Dog marks plants, animals and enemy targets from a very long distance. He also makes taking out groups of soldiers a lot easier. Quiet can clear out enemy camps on her own and is incredible in boss fights as she does large amounts of damage or stamina damage if equipped with a tranquillizer. D-Walker is great against heavy targets such as the Skull Unit. You can equip him with very powerful weapons and tear through them. Overall I believe Quiet to be the strongest but all buddies have their situational uses.

What does Antitheft Device do?

Antitheft devices are used to detect inturders in your FOB. Place them on your equipment and when it is moved (ie fultoned) an alarm will sound.

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How can I get Quiet back?

NOTE: There is now a way to get Quiet back. After Mission 45, Go back and play Mission 11 again and you will notice the name of the mission will change to n“[Replay] Cloaked in Silence” if you play this mission seven times then it will change to “[reunion] Cloaked in Silence” upon playing this mission, Quiet will return to you with all the weapons and item you have previously researched.

You can prevent her from leaving by keeping her bond level below 100% or by using the Butterfly (Front) desgn on your emblem. By doing this the mission where she leaves will not trigger (preventing you from being able to get 100%). If you are playing on PC then there are already mods available allowing you to keep Quiet after mission 43.

How can I get the Butterfly (Front) emblem?

To get this emblem you need to earn the title “Butterfly”. To do this, complete a mission with Quiet getting more kills than you.

Who is Eli?

Eli is Liquid Snake as a child. Liquid Snake is the twin brother of Solid Snake. He is the primary antagonist in the original Metal Gear Solid.

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