Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain has a lot of unlockable items. Some of them are strictly cosmetic while others can have a large impact upon how you approach missions. This page is going to list the unlockables in the game and their uses. If you notice any unlockables missing (there shouldn’t be) then comment below and they will be added.

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Water Pistol

How to unlock: Complete mission 18 and save the children from the mine.

mgsv water pistol

The water pistol looks surprisingly like a real pistol. Guards won’t be able to tell the difference!

Uses: Temporarily blind guards, hold up guards, destroy communications equipment (without making any noise). It takes many shots to stop the burning man so it is not effective against him.

D-Dog Fulton Gear

How to unlock: Find the first aid manual in Masa village during mission 18.

Uses: Allows you research Fulton Gear for D-Dog which allows D-Dog to fulton targets.

fulton wormhole

The Fulton Wormhole looks really cool and is a huge upgrade over the normal fulton

Fulton Wormhole

How to unlock: Complete the side op 50 – Capture the Legendary Jackal. Once you complete this side op then you can research this.

Uses: Can’t be shot down. Can fulton from inside buildings. You can still extract through the Fulton wormhole exactly the same as the normal Fulton.


How to unlock: Extract 1000 enemies in total

Uses: D-Walker can now fulton targets from range

C-Box WR

How to unlock: Find all invoices in Afghanistan or Africa

Uses: A new type of cardboard box.


How to unlock: Find all invoices in Afghanistan and Africa

Uses: A new type of cardboard box.

Fulton Children Upgrade

How to unlock: You need the Conch Shell from completing side op 113 – Eli’s Challenge. You also need level 24 R&D + Support units to create this fulton upgrade.

Uses: Allows you to extract children. Required for one of the side missions and very useful for several others.

mgsv banada

The trademark bandana returns!


How to unlock: Complete side op 143 – Extract the A.I. Pod

Uses: Looks awesome! Also lowers the chances of getting a serious injury. To use the Bandana you must select it under “Head Options”.

Furicorn uniform

How to unlock: Beat side op 144 – Secure the Remains of the Man on Fire

Uses: An alternative look for D-Horse. Aesthetics only.

Gray XOF uniform (for Quiet)

How to unlock: Watch Quiet’s interrogation scene or beat mission 40: Cloaked in Silence (extreme)

Uses: Can research and equip Quiet with an XOF uniform.

Sniper Wolf uniform (for Quiet)

How to unlock: Complete Mission 40 – Cloaked in Silence [Extreme].

Uses: Makes Quiet look like Sniper Wolf.Quiet Sniper Wolf Uniform

The Hand of Jehuty

How to unlock: Complete side op 49 – Capture the Legendary Ibis.

Uses: Teleport enemies to you (limited range) so you can kill them silently.

Cyborg Ninja uniform

How to unlock: Complete all main missions (excluding the hardest difficulty missions).

Uses: Turns snake into a cyborg ninja.

Task-Arm SM

How to unlock: finish mission 29 – Metallic Archaea

Uses: Allows you to research Task-Arm SM for D-Walker which allows D-Walkers CQC attacks to damage vehicles and light tanks.

Raiden uniform

How to unlock: Complete all main missions with an S rank ( not including hard mode missions).

Uses: Allows Snake to look like Raiden. Increases your running speed and jump distance. Limits mission ranking to A or below.

Infinity Bandana

How to unlock: Finish secret mission 46 – Truth: The Man Who Sold the World.

Uses: Gives you infinite ammo while equipped. To use the Infinity Bandana you must select it under “Head Options”.

Leather Jacket 

How to unlock: Finish secret mission  46 – Truth: The Man Who Sold The World.

Uses: Allows Snake to wear a cool leather jacket.

Naked (Silver) uniform and Bionic Arm (silver)

How to unlock: Complete all missions on high difficulty levels.

Uses: Gives snake and his arm a metallic silver look.

Naked (Gold) uniform

How to unlock: Complete all missions on high difficulty with an S-Rank.

Uses: Snake has a metallic gold look.

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