There is a section below dedicated to extreme mode.

There are several ways you can beat Quiet when you meet her in mission 11: Cloaked in Silence. Quiet is an exceptional sniper who can turn invisible, move incredibly fast and is generally a very annoying boss who is slightly reminiscent of “The End” from MGS: Snake Eater (although not quite so extreme).

Some general tips for fighting her are to always mark her with your binoculars. She will unmark herself when she moves so you must reapply it constantly. When she moves she leaves a very noticeable dust trail which will lead you straight to her location. Follow the trail with your binoculars to instantly remark her. If you do lose track of her then you can listen for her humming or for the light reflecting off of the lens in her sniper rifle’s scope.

When you beat her you will unlock the “Speechless” achievement.

quiet MGSV

The bikini wearing Quiet actually has a good reason for having no clothes. She breathes through her skin! Just like The End from MGS: Snake Eater

Snipe her

The normal way to deal with her. If you do not have a sniper rifle then develop one and airdrop it in. Locate and tag her and snipe her before she snipes you. She follows a pretty basic pattern and you have a lot of time to line your shot up before she will fire upon you. Sneaking up and attempting to CQC her is impossible. She will detect you when you approach no matter how quiet and sneaky you think you are.

Note: If you are sniping her from far away, you have to aim significantly above her head to hit her. The starting sniper rifles have very poor maximum range and the shot falls a lot.

Tranquilize her

You can use the tranq gun you start with to put her to sleep.
Obviously it is more ideal to have a tranq sniper rifle but most players at this point will be unable to develop one. If you really want to use this method then be prepared for a very long fight. If you cannot see or hear her then go check the waterfall. She goes there to recuperate and if you catch her it will give you a free shot on her.

Drop a supply crate on her!

This works as a stamina kill. You can airdrop supply crates onto her location which takes half of her stamina away. Once she is marked then she will appear on the map allowing you to easily target her with the airdrops. Do this twice to end the fight and leave Quiet feeling rather silly.

Beating Quiet on Extreme Mode!

In extreme mode Quiet has faster reflexes, more health and will kill you in 1 hit (even if you wear the battledress). She also can no longer be hit by supply boxes (this was the first thing I tried). She still has the same basic elements as the original fight. She will start in the normal sniping position and move upon taking damage or you approaching too close. To get S-rank you need to beat her quickly.

The easiest method to beating Quiet on extreme

When you mark Quiet then simply call in a bombardment on her location. Repeat this several times. This method does not earn you the bonus 5000 points for a non-lethal kill.

You do not need to move too far from the starting location!

The wall you start behind gives excellent visibility and good cover against Quiet so you should use it as much as you can. Do not advance down the hill, there is simply no need and it puts you in a dangerous position. Stay near the wall and if you have to move to find her then move to the wall and pipes to the right.

Bait her shots

You do not have enough time to rise, aim and fire before she fires at you. Instead rise up, then duck down to dodge her shot. Then rise and shoot at her. This is the most important step to this fight.

Always keep track of where she is

Even more important than in normal mode. If you lose track of her then scan the area very carefully. Running out of cover is a surefire way to be killed very quickly. When she repositions then follow the trail and use your binoculars to find her.

Use your most damaging sniper rifle (although you should probably tranq her)

As you will never be firing more than 1 shot before ducking behind cover, there s no point using a fast reloading sniper rifle. Use whatever gives you the most damage! I recommend tranquilizing Quiet as you will get a bonus 5000 points for killing her without hitting her with a lethal weapon.

Know any good tips or strategies to beating Quiet on Extreme? Post them below!

I killed Quiet on Extreme the old-fashioned way, but there are bound to be more efficient strategies. Let me know below.