murloc knight rng

Murloc Knight was a card introduced in Hearthstone’s latest expansion The Grand Tournament. While some players instantly knew it would be strong, others neglected it. It has quickly become recognised as one of the strongest cards of the expansion. Let’s look at some of the statistics as this card does have a strong element of randomness to it that can turn games around (similar to Confessor Paletress).

Murloc Knight Statistics

There are 12 Murlocs this card can summon. This gives you a 8.33% chance of pulling any specific Murloc.

The average stats of the Murlocs you can summon are 2.08 attack and 2.42 health. Four of these Murlocs have synergy with other Murlocs. 2 of the Murlocs have charge.

Can Murloc Knight summon another Murloc Knight?

Murloc Knight is classified as a Murloc card and so can be summoned by it. This is one of the best summons possible as if your opponent has to worry about clearing 2 knights instead of 1.

Top Tier Murlocs

Old One-eye and Bluegill warrior both have charge. Siltfin Spiritwalker draws you a card whenever another friendly Murloc dies. Murloc Warleader is a 3/3 that gives all other Murlocs +2/+1. Along with the previously mentioned Murloc Knight then this makes 5 top tier murlocs you can summon. The other Murlocs have either average or poor attack/health (but not bad enough to ever make this card lose value).

Happy Hearthstoning!