Do you have a dog or cat? If you do, then I’m glad you stopped by today!

A few weeks ago, I learned about An online store for pet owners to purchase pet food, treats, and toys.

Now, we have only had our puppy Charlie for a year, so buying dog food and treats is still fairly new to us. So far, we have been feeding her Costco brand dog food and mixing in food from our meals (the good stuff, promise). So when I first took a peak at Mr. Chewy, I knew I wanted to get dog treats for her.

The site is super easy to use and even if you’re like me, and don’t know anything about dog treats (or food), they help you find just what you need.

 My puppy loves me, thanks to Mr. Chewy!

It let’s you search by Brand, Food Form, Pet, Lifestage, and Specialty.

Want to see what all I got?

  1. Sojos Dog Treats Bacon Cheddar Flavor, 10-oz bag – $4.99
  2. Sojos Dog Treats Peanut Butter Honey Flavor, 10-oz box – $4.99
  3. Sojos Good Dog Treats Peanut Butter & Jelly, 8-oz box – $4.99
  4. Sojos Good Dog Treats Apple Dumpling, 8-oz box – $4.99
  5. Sojos Good Dog Treats Blueberry Cobbler, 8-oz box – $4.99
  6. Dogswell Nutrisca Freeze Dried Chicken Dinner Bites, 5-oz bag – $9.99
  7. Dogswell Nutrisca Freeze Dried Beef Dinner Bites, 5-oz bag – $9.99
  8. Bags on Board Refill Pack, 120 bags, regular – $9.99

All this for less then $55! And because it was over $49, FREE SHIPPING!

Mr. Chewy carries over 70 different brands of dog and cat food, treats, and supplies all at everyday low prices.

I even compared a few products to those of competitor stores and Mr. Chewy was cheaper (or around the same price) on a majority of their products. Plus, it’s nice because you don’t have the hassle of driving to the store or lugging around those heavy bags of food.

Do you need to feed your pets regularly? Mr.Chewy can also set up a delivery schedule for you. You set the time frame and quantities. You can pause, cancel, or change any part of your schedule. There’s no charge to set up your schedule or membership fee.

Now, my only complaint I did come across was the length of time it took to get our products to our door. The website says, you should have your order within 3-5 days after you have placed your order. I ordered everything above Dec. 30th, which was the Friday before New Year’s. It wasn’t actually shipped till Jan. 3rd. and I didn’t receive it until Jan. 12th. Now, I will go ahead and assume that the reason it took so long was, that I ordered it right before a holiday and I’m all the way on the west coast. I only say this because a few of my blogging friends mentioned on FB that their orders came in only a few days.