In patch 6.84 Nyx Assassin got an Aghanim’s Scepter “upgrade” that gave him a new move called Burrow. A lot of players at first argued that this move was not so useful but now that 6.84 has been released for a while people are realising how strong it can be. Here are some useful tricks you can use to use Burrow effectively.

What does burrow do?

Take 1 second to burrow underground and gain invisibility and -40% damage taken. Once burrowed then Spiked Carapace will aoe stun anyone nearby. The range of Mana Burn and Impale will increase by 50%. Impale’s cooldown is decreased. Your health and mana regeneration are much improved. You are unable to auto-attack but can still use items (except Blink Dagger)

Can you Force Staff when burrowed?

If you purchase a Force Staff then you can use it when burrowed. This gives you a very strong escape mechanism as you take 40% less damage when burrowed. The best use, however, is as an initiation tool (See the next tip)

Other people (including the enemy team) can Force Staff you too.

Initiation with Burrow

Burrow then Force Staff yourself into a group of enemies. Use Spiked Carapace to aoe stun anyone nearby. Follow this up with an Impale and any enemies who did not use BKB fast enough (it is very hard to react to a burrowed Nyx without a lot of detection and fast reflexes) will be stunned for almost 5 seconds. This is enough time to win a teamfight decisively.

The best part is if your initiation goes wrong, the enemy might put a lot of focus onto you and you will end up absorbing a lot of damage for your team giving you a chance to still win the teamfight by absorbing spells that should be used on more squishy members of your team.

Can you use Blink Dagger when burrowed?

No you can’t. You can use other items including Teleport Scrolls and Dagon but you cannot use Blink Dagger.

Burrow for defending your base

As burrow gives both Impale and Mana Burn increased range (and less cooldown on Impale), and gives you higher hp and mana regeneration then it allows you to easily defend your inner towers. Simply use Burrow on your high ground and nuke every creep wave with impale. The enemy will know you are there but be unable to move you without tower diving you. Unless they are very far ahead then tower diving a -40% damage taken target is usually not a good idea. Don’t forget to constantly use Mana Burn on anyone who comes close. This will force the enemy team to take action or leave before they lose too much mana.

How can I afford to get an Ahganims Scepter?

If you are playing offlane or support Nyx then consider getting an early Midas. This allows you to purchase a Blink/Force Staff/Dagon with an Aghanim’s Scepter.  Once you have these items then Nyx becomes a devastating support who transitions into a CC/Burst damage support who will be very hard to deal with.

Have any other tips for Burrow?

If you know anything you feel should be added then please comment below.