Overwatch is out for the lucky few who have had their accounts flagged. For everyone else, we have to be content with watching Twitch streams and possibly feeling slightly confused about what is going on in some of the games. Here are some answers I have seen in the chat regarding ultimates and charging them.

overwatch ui

The ultimate meter is central at the bottom. You can see that it is currently at 31% charge.

How do I use my ultimate

Press Q to use your ultimate (once the meter is fully charged).

How do I charge the ultimate bar?

You charge the ultimate bar by dealing/taking damage. The damage from Tlobjorn’s turret also fills his meter. Healing allies also fills up the meter (self healing does not). Damage absorbed by shield does not count towards charging your ultimate (this stops tanks from filling their meter in seconds).

Do different heroes have different charge rates?

Heroes have different charge rates for their ultimates (meaning they must do more damage/healing to earn their ultimate). Some are easier to earn while others are harder. Once I know the exact numbers then I will post them up.

hanzo ultimate

Hanzo’s ultimate can travel through walls.

Do ultimates persist through death?

Not only do ultimates persist through death, but progress towards them also persists. This means that killing heroes with strong ultimates (such as Mercy) does not prevent her from returning and using her ultimate immediately, making communication and awareness more important than simply “kill the healer and push”.

Placeable ultimates such as Symmetra’s teleporter persist through death.

Anything else to add?

Comment below if you feel I have missed something. Overwatch is a very new game and the details in this post are likely to change often.