Overwatch is here and already people are starting to work out the best team compositions. One thing that most people agree on is that Mercy is the support character that is a necessity on all teams (some teams even running 2). There are several reasons for this and the main one is that her ultimate is incredible. See here for more about how ultimates work.

What is Mercy’s ultimate?

Once her ultimate becomes available then Mercy can bring dead allies back to life with 100%!! hp. This is obviously a game-changing ultimate and one that defines Mercy as a strong support choice.

overwatch mercy

Like TF2’s Medic on steroids, Mercy is very versatile and has one of the strongest ultimates in the game.

How can Mercy charge her ultimate?

As with all ultimates in Overwatch, Mercy’s ultimate requires points to be able to use. You can earn points by

  • Dealing damage (damage dealt to shields does not count)
  • Healing allies
  • Boosting damage (again, allies attacking shields will not count)
  • Taking damage

Once you have 1300 points then the ultimate becomes available.

How many points do you get for each action?

Every 100 points of damage (given or taken) or healing done to allies will give her 100 points towards her ultimate.

When damage boosting, you only get half of the damage an ally is doing (this is to prevent ridiculously fast recharge times by boosting a Widowmaker/Mcree who are capable of outputting crazy damage).

How can I push against Resurrect?

As the recharge rate is fairly high (if Mercy is active) then it is very hard to time pushes when she is alive. If you can force her to use her ultimate prematurely then you can push freely while she recharges. Killing her also means she cannot ult, but, as ultimates keep their charge through death she can often return and ultimate anyway.

mercy resurrect

A well timed resurrect can turn a wipe into a victory, bringing 3 teammates back with full hp is a game-winning play.


Mercy can have her ultimate up very quickly after the her last use providing she is constantly giving value to her team. If she has not died for a while, do not expect her ultimate to be down.