Since writing this then Raynor has seen some changes to his damage that now makes this build and his autoattack build both viable. The build in this guide is still strong but now you can choose between this bursty build and a more sustained damage build.

Since the nerf to Raynor’s autoattack damage then he has seen a considerable drop in popularity. While he is definitely a little bit weaker, the build focusing upon his Q can turn him into an absolute monster lategame, capable of dealing massive damage and crowd control while staying at a safe range.

Why choose Raynor?

Raynor is not often a bad choice, he is pseudo tanky as his E gives him health regeneration. During a long teamfight then he excels as he can provide consistent damage while bringing high levels of burst damage when the opportunity presents itself. If the enemy team is squishy then Raynor just needs to play patiently, auto attack from a safe distance and then drop his Q combo on an out of position enemy to almost guarantee a kill on them.

Level 1

Level 1 is a tricky choice for Raynor. If you are going to fight a lot and not be able to return to base so often then Give Me More! gives you a lot more sustainability. However, Raiders “Recruitment” can be excellent if used correctly. Before you will fight for an objective then use it to instantly capture a mercenary camp and they can usually destroy at the very least some towers before the enemy can respond.

Level 4

Choose Confident Aim for the -4 second cooldown when you hit an enemy hero. Later on when you get 2 charges on your Q, this effectively allows you to cast 3 Qs on the same target consecutively which is enough to kill most non tank heroes.

Level 7

Not a great selection. Resolution Overdrive provides some movement speed which is useful for getting into a better position to Q important targets. Movement speed is always nice on a hero with no escape abilities.

Level 10

Both of Raynor’s ultimates are great. However, I personally prefer Hyperion as it can really help your siege/pushing potential. Raynor’s second ultimate is really nice targeted damage so the choice is between good single target damage or reasonable aoe damage. Choose what you feel will help your team the most.

Level 13

Choose Double Barrelled as this gives your 2 Q charges, at this point you are starting to get much more powerful. This is a vital talent in the build.

Level 16

Bullseye adds a 1 second stun to the first target hit by your Q. As you can combo your Qs together this allows you to essentially stunlock a target while dealing very high damage to them. Lategame your Qs will hit for over 700 damage per shot. 3 x 700 is enough to almost kill most non tanks with some auto attacks thrown in, and if your teammates provide a little more damage then they will certainly die during the stun.

Level 20

Bolt of the Storm addresses Raynor’s main weakness (lack of mobility) nicely and allows for some amazing plays by instantly repositioning to stun a key target. If your team is heavily lacking damage then consider taking Nexus Frenzy as it is quite a nice damage increase. Do not upgrade Hyperion unless the enemy nexus is low health and you can cast it to end the game from long range.

Build Overview

In typical games choose Give Me More!, Confident Aim,  Resolution Overdrive, (ult is situational), Double Barrelled, Bullseye, Bolt of the Storm.

How to play Q Raynor

This build is quite tricky to play and relies on you hitting your Q consistently. Against good opponents this is not always the easiest thing to do but with practice then you can become very accurate. You want to play Raynor as a normal ranged hero during earlygame. Go to a lane, soak the experience and group for objectives when required. If you took Give Me More! at level 1 then you can sometimes bait the enemy into focusing you and acting as a kind of pseudo-tank (don’t do this against strong burst heroes).

During midgame then you have some strong pushing power with your first ultimate ability ‘Hyperion’. Group with your team and when the enemy shows up to defend the siege then use your ultimate and generally the enemy team will panic and withdraw a bit allowing you to easily get the towers down. Even experiencee dplayers will fall back a little rather than fight under Hyperion. Be sure you retreat as soon as it ends.

Lategame is where this build shines. Look for opportunities to hit an important squishy enemy hero with your Q (for example, Illidan) . Positioning is key for this. Do not get initiated upon, let your tanks initiate and wait for a good moment to Q the biggest threat on the enemy team. If the enemy team has a lot of melee heroes then wait for them to engage your front line and choose one to focus. Once you land 1 Q then you can easily follow up with more to almost completely stunlock them. Doing this will deal huge damage and stun for 2-3 seconds which is more than enough time for your team to kill them.

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Have more suggestions for building Raynor? Let me know what you think of this build. Recently (since his nerf) this has become a very common way of building Raynor and is certainly very powerful. Comment below!