League of Legends is a very popular game, played by millions of people around the world. Although LoL does not have very high system requirements it does require a consistent ping to play reliably. People who have inconsistent ping will find themselves unable to dodge skill-shots or may not react quickly enough to junglers coming to gank their lane. Below is a compilation of the most effective fixes people have applied to their LoL clients to reduce their ping.


Non of these fixes are guaranteed to work, there are many issues that cause high latency and your high latency may be a problem that you cannot fix yourself (such as an ISP issue). If you choose to perform a fix that involves changing files in your registry. Please first create a backup copy. The fixes below are specific to the game itself and do not mention any other factors, these will be addressed in another guide that I will link from here once it is complete.

How to correctly apply these fixes

Perform each potential fix one at a time, checking each time to see if there has been a performance increase. After applying each fix, open up a custom game and watch your ping for 30 seconds to a minute before exiting. Please document any changes and comment below letting us know what fix helped to reduce your League of Legends ping. The fixes are not in any particular order, so try the fixes that are most convenient first.

Reinstall LoL

I know it is annoying and believe me I hate this step, but if the problem is specific to LoL then reinstalling is a very good idea. Completely remove LoL from your PC and reinstall it. When you download it then make a back-up onto an external hard-drive so you never need to go through the hassle of downloading it again.

Allow LoL through your Firewall

Go into your firewall and find the “white list” (or similarly named list) which allows you to permit programs to pass directly through the firewall. Put LoL on this list to prevent the firewall from interfering with your connection to the LoL servers. Also, while we are on the subject of firewalls, do not have more than one firewall running! This can cause all kinds of issues. If you notice you have two firewalls then I recommend you choose one to remove.

Are you on the correct server?

If you are living in China and try to play on the NA server, you will have high latency no matter how good your configuration is. Ensure you are playing on the best (in most cases this means the closest) server available. If you want to play with friends on a server far away, then I recommend installing a latency smoother to reduce your ping as much as possible.

Uninstall Pando Media Booster

This is a file that is used to download LoL using peer to peer (allowing computers with this file to upload LoL to other users). After the download has finished then it remains on your computer and seeds LoL to other computers. By removing this file then you prevent it from seeding to others and it frees up more bandwidth for your game.

Pando Media Booster can be removed by going to control panel’s “Uninstall Programs” and uninstalling it there.

Disable Peer to Peer

On the LoL login screen, click the gear on the top right of the screen. Then disable peer to peer. Some people have reported a lot of success from doing this, although I think it is a very subjective change that probably is not useful to most players.

Change your network settings

The following changes have been reported to have helped a lot of people solve their lag problems. If they help, great! If not then put the settings back to how they originally were.

  1. Go to the “Network and sharing centre” in your computers Control Panel.
  2. Go into “Change adapter settings”
  3. Right click on your internet connection and select “properties”
  4. On the next menu that appears, click “configure”. This will take you to the next menu. There are a lot of tabs on this menu. Click “Advanced”.
  5. Apply the following changes to the list.
  • Turn Green Ethernet to disabled
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet to disabled
  • Flow Control to enabled for both Rx and Tx
  • Interrupt Moderation to disabled.

6.  Click ok, then test your ping. Hopefully there is an improvement!

Do you use skype?

Skype can cause latency issues if you use it while playing LoL. You can fix this easily by going into skype, then into  tools->options->advanced->connection. Then untick Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections. This will change the ports skype uses, freeing them up for LoL. Even if you have reasonable latency for LoL, changing this will probably give you a small boost anyway. (NOTE: I am unsure as to why this fix works, if someone could comment to tell me why then I will update this section with the reason. Thanks)

Please let me know if this helped you reduce your LoL ping!

If this guide helped you, or if you know other ways to fix high ping in LoL then please comment below so I can update this page. If you have a problem with high LoL latency then you can also comment and I/other users can try to help you!