Reinhardt’s ultimate is called Earthshatter and if used correctly it has the potential to be the strongest ultimate in Overwatch. Clearing enemy defenses becomes much easier with a Reinhardt ultimate and, likewise, it can be used to completely blunt an offensive attack. Here is some information about the ultimate and the best ways to use it. However, the best tip that can be said is this: Earthshatter has a much larger range than it first appears and it is easier to hit enemies who are further away than closer, due to the cone shape.

Earthshatter stats

  • It deals 50 damage to enemies hit.
  • It stuns any enemy hit for 2.5 seconds.
  • It is a cone shaped attack which means it is actually better used on enemies who are further away.
  • If cast in mid-air (including normal jump), it will not finish casting until Reinhardt hits the ground. For this reason, you never want to jump and use this ultimate as it will only delay and give the enemy more time to react to it.
  • Earthshatter can hit enemies who are slightly off the ground, and enemies on the payload or on an incline slope. It does not feel very consistent, however, and can sometimes hit enemies who are far off the ground.

How to use Earthshatter effectively

Even if you do not have Earthshatter, act as though you do. Force the enemy to play scared and spread out and away from you. This will allow your push to be even more effective and gain more ground. Earthshatter is a huge psychological tool that Reinhardt can use.

To add to the point above, do not telegraph to the enemy when you are going to ult. This means do not change your playstyle when you have the ultimate. If the enemy notices a change in your playstyle then they will assume you have your ultimate available.

Earthshatter is best used when you know that you team can follow up and kill the stunned enemies. While Reinhardt can use this solo and sometimes accomplish great things, a good team will make your Earthshatter so much more deadly. Call out on voice chat whenever you are ulting.

Prioritize using it on high value enemies. See a Mercy who is waiting to rez? Don’t hesitate to drop the ultimate on her.

Once the enemies are stunned then use Fire Strike to apply some damage and then evaluate if you need to charge to secure a kill. If your team is with you then you usually do not need to charge and can instead go back to shielding your team.

Any comments?

Reinhardt is a very fun character and one that can win games with a well placed ultimate. Have fun leading teams to victory and comment below if you have any questions or information to add!