Rexxar is one of my most played champions in HOTS. I really like the versatility and diversity of his talents. Let’s go through his talents and see how useful they are and when they should be taken. I am going to list them in the order of how frequently I pick them in that tier. So the talent I choose most is the first one spoken about.

Level 1 talents

Hunter-Gatherer – I take this almost every game. It provides more value than other versions of this spell as combined between you and Misha 1 globe is giving 2hp/s. Lategame this is exceptional value and lets you take a few more hits during fights. When your hero gets low you can run away, keep Misha fighting then return once you regenerate a bit.

Flare – If I am against stealth heroes and the enemy team is comprised of a lot of burst damage then this talent is worthwhile. Hunter-Gatherer is not effective against burst damage and flare can often allow you to detect flanking enemies. It also gives you a second way of checking bushes (Misha being the first way).

Grizzled Bear – I am not a fan of this as Misha has enough survivability. You need to worry about your hero dying and this talent just doesn’t help you at all.

Survivalist Training – I cannot think of any scenario where I would choose this.

Level 4 talents

Easy Prey – Allows you to solo bosses (not that I usually recommend it) but more importantly allows you to clear jungle camps a lot faster. Just choosing this talent forces the enemy to keep scouting the boss if you are not in their vision. This is very overlooked but forcing a Tyrande to continually scout the boss with her owl is a huge boon for your team.

Crippling Talons – If there are very few jungle camps on the map then this is my usual choice. The extra slow is very good against heroes such as Thrall and Sonya who you will want to kite as much as possible.

Taking Flight – If you cannot get closer to the enemy then take this. If they have a lot of cc and gap closers then this can be the difference between landing a Q or getting caught and dying.

Hungry Bear – Misha should not usually die and this talent would not help keep her alive anyway.

Level 7 talents

This is the only talent tier where I always take the same talent. Aspect of the beast is Rexxar’s strongest talent by far and turns him into a CC machine. I only ever choose this talent as I feel that by not choosing it I am doing my team a huge disservice. Always be aware of positioning Misha so she can stun multiple people at once. The stun is Rexxr’s most powerful ability and can win teamfights if positioned well.

Ultimate Choices

This is around a 50/50 choice for me depending on the game.

Bestial Wrath – If the enemy team are not very mobile then I choose this. If Misha can land a few auto-attacks then the damage is incredible. If Misha is able to land attacks then always take this.

Unleash the Boars – If Misha is not able to get in close or land many attacks then choose Unleash the Boars. If Misha is having difficulties getting close then the rest of your team probably is too and the extra slow will help greatly.

Leve1 13 talents

Wildfire Bear – This is a fairly standard pick that just gives Misha a bit more damage and improves your waveclear. While the damage is quite low, it adds up over the course of a teamfight.

Barkskin – If the enemy team have a lot of magic users then they will hate this. Combined with Aspect of the Beast you can have a near 100% uptime on this preventing a lot of damage to your bear and, consequently, to your team.

Thrill of the Hunt – This is great if you are having to kite a lot. However, often you want your hero a lot further back and out of attack range which is where Wildfire Bear would be more useful.

Bear Necessities – You can choose this if the enemy team is comprised of split-pushers. It essentially doubles the range of the stun allowing you to chase much more effectively.

Level 16 talents

Feign Death – This talent is to be chosen when you are against more than 1 spellcaster. It allows you to play a lot more aggressively and bait the enemy to committing a lot of spells to you which you can avoid through Feign Death. With careful timing you will find you are able to avoid a lot of damage and waste a lot of enemy spells in the first few seconds of a teamfight. Remember that you control Misha while feigning so be sure to position her well to maximize her damage.

Primal Intimidation – If you are against auto-attackers then this is the talent of choice. The effect is more valuable than on other warriors as Misha also has it.

Aspect of the Hawk – If you need more damage then choose this. While most of the time you want a defensive talent, sometimes the extra damage is critical.

Critical Care – Not as good as the above talents and if you are relying on this then you are probably allowing Misha to wander into bad positions.

Level 20 talents

Hardened Skin – This combined with Feign Death is amazing and like most of Rexxars shared talents, this is better than other warriors as it also works on Misha. When a fight starts then run in and use Hardened Shield to absorb as much damage as you can. Good players will wait for your shield to wear off before blowing cooldowns on you. Immediately after this then Feign Death and control Misha who should be stunning/attacking any squishy target she can. This is a total of 9 seconds when you are effectively immortal and the rest of your team should be able to take advantage of this.

Kill Command – If you chose Unleash the Boars then your team was having a hard time reaching the enemy. If this is the case, the 1.5 second root will definitely be useful.

Frenzy of Kalimdor – Not usually worth taking over other talents unless you have chosen Aspect of the Hawk at level 16. Even then, Hardened Shield is very hard to pass up.

Spirit Bond – The extended length usually does not matter and the healing is strong but not as large as the damage Hardened Shield would have mitigated.

Have any comments about Rexxar’s talents?

I have played Rexxar at rank 1 many times and really enjoy his playstyle. If you have anything to comment on regarding his talents or abilities then comment below and let me know. Rexxar has very diverse talents and as each hero is released the talent choices are getting increasingly more varied.