If you are new to rocket league then you may find yourself overwhelmed by the speed of it. In seconds the ball can go from one end of the field to another and goals can be fast and seemingly come out of nowhere. Here are some quick tips to improve your game!

Think about your positioning

Rocket League is not a game with the objective of chasing the ball and hitting it as many times as possible. It is a game of watching patiently, predicting where the ball will go and making a decisive move to control it to your advantage. Hang back, observe the game and find your moment to make those clutch saves, steal control or score. Do not mindlessly chase the ball!

Play a lot against better or equal opponents

It is obvious that playing more often will help you improve. However,  playing against better players will help you improve tremendously fast. Look at what they do, see how they play and imitate them. Learn to predict what they will do and you will find yourself rising through the ranks in no time.

Watch better players commentate on their games

Some of the top players frequently stream or upload videos of their gameplay. Watch their videos for a few minutes until you hear one good bit of advice, then go into a match and attempt to use this advice to improve. Do not watch videos for hours, just the useful parts.

Learn to fly!

rocket league flying

If you can quickly predict the balls movements in midair then you can gain an advantage over slower players.

The ability to fly and impact the ball in midair is a big part of what separates good and great players. Once you are confident in the air then you will find yourself able to make more decisive plays and more importantly, be more consistent and give the ball away less. Often you may find yourself jumping and mis-timing the jump completely or knocking the ball to the opponents. Practice practice practice until jump
ing through the air is not something you have to think about but a comfortable skill that feels natural.

Balance attack and defense

If you are observing the game then you should have an idea of where you should position yourself. When defending then you should be always looking for ways to win back the ball and apply pressure to your opponents and if attacking then you should be wary of losing possession and having to quickly move back and defend.

Enjoy the game

Rocket league is a great game, easy to learn but very hard to master. Take your time, make mistakes and have fun while doing so. If you have any more suggestions then please comment below.