I know I am not alone when it comes to finally choosing your baby’s name and someone has to comment about it. Hell, even my mom doesn’t like the name we chose for baby #3 coming soon. If this happens to you, just use one of these comebacks…

So they don’t like the baby name you chose?

  • These stretch marks are on my body, so I get the final word.
  • Good thing she’s not your kid.
  • Hey, you had your chance with your children.
  • I’ll let my grandmother, whom she is named after know. Thanks…
  • Well we were going to pick a name that you liked but since I get to push him out, I figured I get the last say.
  • I guess I don’t have to worry about you using it then.
  • Good thing I didn’t ask you to pick it.
  • What would you have chosen? …Um, yeah, I think I’ll stick with what I picked.
  • Well, my husband wanted to name the baby after you but I’m like, “No way! I am not doing that to our baby.” This name was the compromise.
  • Yeah, I’m not crazy about the names you picked for your kids either. Thankfully we don’t need each other’s approval.