Picture this, you are playing Renekton top lane. You just hit level 6 and are on 25% hp. You ultimate is ready to go and you are hoping the enemy will foolishly tower dive you. In Europe and America, the chances of a tower dive occurring are incredibly low unless the jungler is there also, then it becomes more likely. The chances of getting dived in China? close to 100% (I was playing at diamond level). In short, Chinese players are aggressive.

Snowball heroes are the most common picks

Champions that can dominate the lane and snowball the game are the most common picks, champions like Darius Akali and Fiora (I saw so many excellent Fiora players) see a lot of play due to their aggressive capabilities. Once you see a player instant pick one of these champions, you can guarantee that you know their playstyle and pick accordingly. If you choose a champion with strong reactive and defensive abilities then you can often bait a tower dive and come out on top.

Snowball items are bought frequently

Mejais Soulstealer is in about half of all the games I play, even in high level games. The focus is so much on carrying your team that players feel the risk is worth it. This is in direct contrast to Europe, where Mejais is seen as a joke or troll item, rarely picked up. In China it is seen as a standard item to build even if you are losing your lane and are not likely to get kills in the near future.

How about jungling?

Again, aggression is the name of the game when it comes to choosing jungle heroes. Xin Zhao, Lee Sin and Jax (yes, jungle Jax) are some picks you will see commonly. They will waste no time farming their jungle either, they will get level 2 and instantly head to gank the lane they perceive as easiest to gank, repeatedly. Since the LoL patch (about a year ago now) that made jungle mobs give more xp the longer they are alive, this playstyle was greatly rewarded and as a result, I think junglers in China tend to be very good at ganking a lot while keeping up in levels. Indeed, I think the quality of jungling in China is the best I have seen (granted that I haven’t played in Korea)

How did I find playing on Chinese servers compared to EU?

Once I got used to the Chinese playstyle and adjusted my own playstyle accordingly (aka, I expected constant aggression) then I was able to rise up to diamond fairly quickly playing lots of different champions. While I did encounter some very good mid/top players who absolutely crushed me (before buying Mejais and crushing the game) the majority were relying on choosing snowbally lane bullies to achieve victory through early game with little thought to late game. Some of the aggression really caught me by surprise and lots of times I was tower dived by players who clearly had tower dived a lot before, as they had a good sense of how long they could dive before having to retreat.

Certainly, lots of Chinese players are very skilled with quick reaction times, combined with a bold recklessness for pushing their champion to the limit and usually succeeding, sometimes failing spectacularly. Chinese players certainly have a very contrasting playstyle from other regions, I don’t think it is better or worse, but it certainly is a lot of fun to see such high levels of aggression every game instead of having 20 minutes of passive laning at the start of a game.