Greymane has just been released and has been met with a positive reception due to his fun playstyle, versatility and playmaking abilities. Greymane is able to swap between melee and ranged but is labelled as a “ranged assassin” which tells us that his playstyle should revolve around poking away at the enemy and only committing to melee to end the fight. To this end, here is the build I have been using to great success and it is capable of putting out some ridiculous damage numbers.

Why an autoattack build over a melee build?

There are several reasons for choosing to build Greymane in this way. The first reason is that currently there are a lot of stuns and burst damage that are a huge threat to anyone who engages in melee range. Greymane does not have strong defensive moves or a large HP pool so he is very vulnerable to this. Ranged is simply much safer right now.

greymane autoattack builds

This is the main form you will be using. Only go Worgen to secure kills/when it is safe to do so.

The second reason is that Greymane’s Worgen form has no massive benefits over his ranged form. +40% damage is fine but I don’t feel it is worth losing the advantage of being ranged for.

Autoattack/Molotov Greymane Build

  • Perfect Aim – Giving your main ranged ability +30% range is very strong. The fact that it can also return mana is just a bonus.
  • Draught Overflow – Combined with the first talent, Greymane’s Molotov can now stretch across the entire enemy team.
  • Incendiary Elixir – Grants a large damage boost on impact and causes Cocktail to explode even if it misses. Great for poking and adding burst damage to targets your team have stunned.
  • Go for the Throat – Use this ultimate as a finisher. When an enemy has a mark above their head then it is guaranteed to kill them so wait for the mark before using it. The other ultimate (Marked for the Kill) feels quite underwhelming
  • On the Prowl – Keeping this buff up is very easy and +30% movement speed is higher than Lunara’s passive. This allows you to stay very safe and kite forever. The counter for this buff appears next to your character’s portrait.
  • Level 16 talent discusssion below
  • Hunter’s Blunderbuss is an enormous DPS boost to your teamfights. Position yourself carefully and you can shoot 2/3 heroes at once effectively tripling your damage. Imagine if Raynor could target 3 enemies at once with his auto attacks.

Level 16 talents

This tier has some very strong talents that you should choose carefully. Against teams with 2+ tanks then consider taking Alpha Predator and using Worgen form when they engage upon you. If you focus the tanks then their back line may not be able to reach you to damage you and you will shred through the tanks very fast. Only do this if you can safely focus their tanks aka if you also have strong tanks to threaten their squishy heroes.

Against a team with strong dive then you want to stay further back and poke so you should be choosing Concentraed Blast to provide more poke damage with Cocktail.

Lastly, Executioner is very strong if you have Jaina or another hero with strong slows on your team.

I believe this is the best Greymane build

If you agree/disagree then comment below. Once balance patches roll out (hopefully next week) then this build may/probably will change and I will update accordingly.