Since everyone else is throwing out their own ideas, here is the tier list for Heroes of the Storm. This list will focus on solo ranked play at rank 1.

Sylvanas Patch Tier List

S tier

Valla, Illidan, E.T.C, The Lost Vikings

Valla is still as dominant as she ever was with a variety of builds depending on her team and who she is facing against. E.T.C is probably the most dominant tank right now with his high amount of CC and health making him an asset to any team. Now that people have had time to practice then The Lost Vikings are now doing very well. A good vikings player can push their team to level 10 very quickly and with a coordinated team can allow for swift objective takes.

Tier 1

Rehgar, Stitches, Uther, Tyrande, Tassadar, SGT. Hammer, Sylvanas, Jaina, Sonya, Tychus, Zeratul, Zagara, Malfurion, Falstad. Brightwing.

Falstad has moved up, in some compositions he could even be preferable to Valla. Malfurion is a lot lower on some tier lists but against some teams he is amazing. Against Illidan or SGT. Hammer who are all about consistent damage over time then his healing really excels. Tyrande has moved up as people are realising she brings a lot to the table although her healing is definitely sub-par. Sylvanas is the new hero and could even be considered for S-tier. The only reason she is not is that people are not yet playing her to her full potential and need more time to discover new strategies with her. Brightwing simply is not so good in this meta of longer teamfights, in short teamfights then her hex is very impactful but in long teamfights then it does very little.

Tier 2

Azmodan, Chen, Diablo, Kerrigan, Muradin, Nazeebo, Arthas, Tyrael

Poor Azmodan recieved a nerf to his lategame scaling which hurt. Muradin is still strong and almost unkillable but in a meta that forces long teamfights then his ultimate runs out and then he is killed. The same goes for most of the other tanks in this tier. Nazeebo was nerfed quite hard and his ultimate ais now slightly underwhelming (although still high damage if used well)

Tier 3

Raynor, Li Li, Abathur, Nova, Thrall

Raynor is a jack of all trades hero that brings consistent auto attack damage that sadly is healed very easily in this meta. His q build can bring a lot of burst to catch unsuspecting heroes but the close range of this move makes this very tricky to do.

Murky Tier

Murky, Anub’arak, Gazlowe

Anub’arak could be great if Blizzard reworked the ai surrounding his beetles, as it is then they are just as likely to stand around doing nothing as they are to attack your enemy. Gazlowe is still a risky hero that can sometimes wombo combo the enemy and win the game but usually just slowly loses you the game. Murky is still Murky and makes all players in the game rage.

Below is the Vikings Patch tier list, it is not the current version

S tier

Stitches and Valla

Both of these are being first picked in pretty much every game. Valla’s multishot build does absurd damage and with her E then she is fairly hard to catch. Stitches needs no explanation, best tank/displacement in the game with literally no downside except an ugly character model.

Tier 1

Tychus, Zeratul, Uther, Muradin, Tassadar, Nazeebo, Malfurion, E.T.C, Lost Vikings, SGT Hammer

All of these heroes are excellent choices and excel in their given role. Placing the Lost Vikings was a difficult choice but I feel a good Lost Vikings player can make them seem broken (possibly S tier) with their ultimate doing what Tychus’s old ultimate did and giving them a second pool of health to work with. SGT Hammer is in a very strong position and if she has some protection is almost unstoppable. E.T.C is a teamfighting monster that excels at fighting in narrow areas where he can cc multiple targets.

Tier 2

Arthas, Tyrael, Brightwing, Diablo, Thrall, Raynor, Rehgar, Azmodan, Kerrigan, Zagara, Tyrande

These heroes are still good, but I feel that there are better heroes for each role (remember we are talking about Solo Queue). Diablo is getting placed lower on a lot of tier lists but I feel he can be incredibly strong and especially good against SGT Hammer who is seeing a lot of play recently. Kerrigan received a pretty big hit to her power and now when you play Kerrigan you have to land your combo or lose the fight. Raynor received nerfs to his auto attack build but his Q build is very strong, the only reason he is on this tier is because landing his q reliably is fairly tricky.

Tier 3

Nova, Jaina, Anub’arak, Falstad, Chen, Lili

Nova is a strange character, good Nova players can be devastating to the enemy, bad or average Nova players lose the game for their team. Jaina needs some mobility or defensive options to become viable. Anub’arak has a lot of cc that is fairly hard to land, with practice then a player can use him to great effect but it feels that stitches is almost always a better choice. Chen received some more nerfs which made him less effective and Lili has the big weakness that her level 20 ultimate is devestatingly powerful, but if anyone is attentive they will cancel it immediately.

Murky tier

Murky, Sonya, Abathur, Gazlowe

I’m sorry Murky, you did not deserve such nerfs! Sonya can be strong with a team that can support her but her only healing move can be interrupted which makes her very weak and prone to being burst down. Abathur is fine on some maps, but on maps such as the Haunted Mines he hinders the team by not being a 5th person who can collect skulls. Gazlowe is a strange hero who can make game winning plays with his ultimate, but if the enemy team is aware, will most likely just die.

I hope you think this tier list is accurate and/or helpful

This is my first time writing a tier list and I know my formatting needs some work. After the next patch I will produce another one. Thanks for reading.