Why isn’t Chen more popular?

Chen is not a popular pub hero and is currently the second least played hero according to Dotabuff  as he requires a lot of micro to play well (and heroes that need micro are not as popular amongst low mmr players, which is most people) and he is not so strong against the current popular picks such as Sniper and Axe. Chen is played quite a lot in competitive games but he can be countered by enemy teams mass buyingHand of Midas (that instantly kills the creeps he is controlling). As pushing has been nerfed, games are lasting longer so more of these are being bought and Chens ability to punish greedy item choices by pushing towers is not as strong as it used to be. However, he still has strong core abilities.

Chen can bring a lot to a team, he has strong pushing power, the ability to send friendly heroes to base, take over jungle creeps, nuke and slow enemies. Combine this with his global heal and you can probably see the power of this hero in the right hands. Below then we are going to list some tips that will make your Chen a force to be reckoned with. We will also talk a little bit about how to counter Chen.

Chen Tips

You will be expected to support.

You are not reliant on items so buy wards, courier and sentries. It is important to keep your jungle dewarded so the enemy cannot see where you are. If the enemy cannot see you they will play more passively.

Be aggressive

Do not sit farming in your jungle for the first 10 minutes.You should always look for opportunities to gank. On the flip side, do not waste time ganking a lane that you cannot kill. If your early aggression does not pay off, farm a Mekansm and ask your team to group and push with you.

Troll Summoners are your friends

Control a Troll Summoner, Smoke and gank mid lane early. Chen is meant to be aggressive with his creeps and his ganks are very strong. Troll Summoners can net enemies from a distance and under the cover of smoke this will usually result in a kill, especially if your mid laner has any form of crowd control. Be warned that if the enemy mid is a Puck or a Queen of Pain then it might be best to look elsewhere as they would have to make a big mistake in order to be killed.

Stack camps

You should be actively stacking camps whenever you can. Not only will this give you a larger pool of creatures to choose from, it allows you to level up very quickly by using a Wildkin to kill it. (use the Tornado move and stay in range for xp).

Ping your Ganks!

Do not expect your allies to see you coming, ping to let them know and say on voice chat. So many times people have ganked a lane only to find that their allies did not see them.

Lategame is not your friend

Chen shines early and midgame. He can still provide some support during lategame but you must no longer wander off by yourself or try to solo push. At this point then pretty much anyone in the game could solo kill you and your mobility is poor. Stay with your carry and use your controlled creeps to scout ahead, so you don’t have to put yourself in danger.

Control an Ancient Granite Golem

If you can acquire an Aghanim’s Scepter then you should instantly start looking for an Ancient Granite Golem. Not only is it hard to kill but it gives an auro granting +15% maximum hp to nearby friendly units. This is a great buff to have for teamfights as lategame it can work out to an extra 250-450 hp on each hero.

Chen Item Build

Generally, Chen players build Mana Boots, Mekansm followed by Aghanims Sceptre. After that then if your team is lacking a pipe then that is an option, of if you are really rich a Hex is always good. Chen really is not item reliant so build what you team needs or what will counter your opponents.

Chen Skill Build

Max Holy Persuasion first to have more creeps under your control. Then Test of Faith. Skill ultimate whenever available. You skills should look like 0/4/4/1 and then you can decide to skill stats or your Q. If you are being focused and dying a lot without contributing during teamfights then choose stats to become a bit tankier. If the enemy team are not killing you quickly then take Q.

How to counter Chen

  • If you are confident you will last until late game, purchase Hand of Midas and use it on Chen’s creeps.
  • Offlane Bountry Hunter, Clinkz and Riki can disrupt your jungle a lot. Although not a definite counter they can really ruin your day if played well.
  • Earthshaker’s ultimate does more damage the more enemies are around. If you find yourself playing as Chen against Earthshaker, be careful and don’t clump up.

Hope you found this useful

Comment below if you have any suggestions or something you would like to see added to this Chen guide.