Towards the beginning of the year we decided that I should buy a laptop. Mainly because my computer was downstairs, away from the living room and where the girls mainly play. It was hard to try and get any sort of work done during the day, while trying to keep an eye on them.

We drove to Best Buy to check out the selection of laptops they have. Best Buy is great, because you can get hands-on with computers and physically see if you like one.

 Turn Your Boring Computer into a Touch Screen – APEN Touch 8 Review

After some looking around, I decided to just go with a ASUS laptop. One I could use for blogging and social media, but wasn’t crazy expensive. The bonus to it – it came with new Windows 8.

However, not a touch screen laptop. Trying to use Windows 8 without a touch screen isn’t as much fun – trust me.

That’s why when I first heard about APEN, I was very intrigued. How exactly does it work to turn your computer or laptop into a touch screen? It’s actually quite easy.

 Turn Your Boring Computer into a Touch Screen – APEN Touch 8 Review

It takes just a few minutes to set up – then you calibrate it. I had a little bit of difficulty at first trying to do this. I’ve also read reviews where others had a hard time trying to get it to calibrate too. I think maybe it just depends on your computer, and also the operator.

Once that is done, you’re ready to go!

So far, I’ve found it’s great for a few different things.

APEN Touch 8 For Work

One of the coolest things about turning my laptop into a touch screen with the Touch 8, was being able to use the paint program to create my signature. Which I then saved as a PNG file, that I can use to sign forms for work. No scanner needed!

APEN Touch 8 For Kids

For my children, they’ve been able to use the pen in the paint program. Before, you could only use the tiny touch pad or hook up a mouse to it. Now, they can use the pen just like a paintbrush.

APEN Touch 8 For Fun

Beyond using it for work, and easier scrolling, it’s also great for games. Card games, or online games – you name it. It makes things a lot easier and quicker. Creating a better gaming experience.

There are a ton more ways you can use the APEN Touch 8 – check out this video from, which demostrates all the cool ways to utilize the touch screen freature. You can also purchase it from Newegg for only $79.99.