Valla is a very powerful hero in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. with a few different ways to build her. This build the the most common build seen in high level Heroes of the Storm matches due to it’s safe style of play and huge damage output.

The multishot build focuses on upgrading your multishot (duh). By taking a lot of talents to buff it, Valla can dish out tremendous aoe damage while staying at a safe distance from pesky assassins. Lets go over the talent choices. Please remember when making talent choices that survivability talents can often increase your damage by more than damage talents as you can stay alive longer. If you feel you need to be more defensive then do not hesitate to take more defensive talents.

Advantages of this build

  • Allows you to kite easier due the multishot slowing targets (after level 13)
  • Better pushing power due to Arsenal and Battle Momentum
  • Higher aoe damage when compared to other Valla builds


  • Lower single target damage and auto attacks are weaker.
  • The damage is sustained with very little burst.
  • Mana hungry – Cannot spam multishot during the laning phase.

Level 1 – Composite Arrows

You must take Composite Arrows. This gives multishot +20% range which turns it from being a short range to a medium range ability. The difference is very noticeable and often allows you to hit entire enemy teams with each volley.

Level 4 – Arsenal

Choose Arsenal which buffs your multishot to also fire 3 grenades that explode for moderate damage. This is just a good talent for extra aoe damage in teamfights where people cannot dodge the grenades easily.

Level 7 – Searing Arrows

Battle momentum was removed in the latest patch, so now most Valla players are taking Searing Arrows for extra burst when you find that you have time to auto attack. Some people even preferred Searing Arrows before Battle Momentum was removed, so it is not a bad choice and is not inferior to Battle Momentum as that talent also relied on auto attacking heroes.

Level 10 – Situational

Your ultimate ability does not affect your multishot. Choose Strafe if the enemy team has not got many interrupts/targeted stuns and is unable to easily reach you. If the enemy team has a lot of crowd control then choose Rain of Vengeance for extra control in teamfights.

Level 13 – Frost Shock

Frost Shock puts a slow onto your multishot. Slowing multiple enemies in teamfights is excellent. it helps you kite more and anyone who has the “Executioner” talent (that increases damage on slowed, rooted or stunned targets) will deal much more damage.

If the enemy team has a Nova who is constantly managing to get in a position to kill you. Choose Spell Shield. A dead Valla is a Valla who cannot do any damage. If a Nova is managing to assassinate you then also try to think about your positioning more and move erratically to stop her landing easy snipes on you.

Level 16- Situational

This can be a very hard decision to make. If you are not being targeted and are free to blast away in teamfights then choose Executioner for extra damage that synergises excellently with the previously chosen talent “Frost Shock”.

If you are being focuses by tanks then consider taking Blood for Blood. If used on an enemy tank then it willdeal 15% of the tanks total health in damage, and give it to you as hp. It will also slow the target for 3 seconds allowing you to escape.

If you are being focused by very mobile champions such as Illidan (who has a low hp pool) then consider taking Tumble for an extra charge on Vault so you can dash away to safety.

Level 20 – Situational

Like the previous talent tier you again have a choice between damage and survivability. Nexus Frenzy is a passive range and attack speed increase (+20%) while Bolt of the Storm allows you to instantly teleport a short distance. The choice will depend on how the teamfights have gone up to this point. If you feel you need more damage then Nexus Frenzy is the best choice, if you are getting focused and dying then you must choose Bolt of the Storm no matter how tempting more damage is.

Usual Build (If everything is going well)

Composite Arrows, Arsenal, Searing Arrows, Strafe, Frost Shock, Blood for Blood, Bolt of the Storm

General Playstyle

The general idea behind this build is simple. hit as many people with multishot as you can without going too close to enemies. Auto attack from behind the safety of your tanks to proc Battle Momentum as much as possible. Keep the aoe damage up and soon the enemy will realise they must focus you to win. Once they start to focus you then swap to some defensive talents and watch your enemy cry as they try to reach you.

Will Valla be nerfed?

A lot of people suspect that Valla will receive a nerf as her pick rate is so high (comparable to stitches). If Blizzard nerf her then I personally suspect it will be a nerf to this multishot build as the damage is really high without Valla having to take many real risks.

Valla had Battle Momentum removed in the Sylvanas patch, but still remains a top tier pick in competitive and public games.

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