Update for patch 6.84

Troll Warlord will receive:

  • Berserker’s Rage no longer provides +15 damage
  • Ranged Whirling Axes no longer provide 800 vision
  • Melee Whirling Axes no longer provide 500 vision
  • Battle Trance duration reduced from 7 to 5 seconds
  • Berserker’s Rage is no longer removed on death

IceFrog has taken a slightly different approach to nerfing Troll Warlord, they are nerfing his vision heavily meaning he will rely on other team members for vision which will make him less of a 1v1 ganker as often your opponents will be able to juke away.

Removing +15 damage on Beserker’s Rage is nice, but this does not make his laning phase much weaker as he usually stays in ranged form to last hit. It will nerf his mid game teamfighting a little bit, however, as he will be missing 15 damage from every swing (and he swings a lot)

Nerfing Battle Trance to 5 seconds is nice, this is around a 25% decrease which will make his pushes slightly worse but mainly will force Troll players to decide more carefully when to use Battle Trance during teamfights for maximum damage.

It is worth pointing out that Basher is now available to be bought on Troll Warlord (aswell as other heroes it was banned on). This may be a significant buff as it increases the chance of getting a bash (obviously) which allows you to keep attacking and bashing more and more. Expect stunlocks to become more common when fighting a Troll in melee combat (infact, it’s probably best not to try)

Are these nerfs enough?

Although these nerfs are welcome, only time will tell whether they are enough as at SkillShotter we fully expect the bashlord to remain a strong pick that is capable of beating any other hero in melee. Expect an update to this post when more data becomes available after the patch has been fully released.

Troll Warlord Nerfs (6.83)

With the latest dota patch we have seen the rise of heroes such as Sniper, Axe and Juggernaut. One hero however has risen above all of these and he goes by the (very fitting) name of Troll Warlord. This hero has maintained a 100% pick/ban rate in professional games for over 3 months which is generally an indicator that he will be changed by IceFrog in an upcoming patch. How can Troll Warlord be nerfed while still allowing him to remain viable? Lets first look at what makes Troll Warlord so strong.

Troll Warlord has:

  • A very strong laning phase
  • Ranged and melee form
  • When in melee form he gains bonus damage, armor, movement speed, health, reduced base attack time
  • An aoe 60% blind that lasts for 7 seconds (at rank 4) with a 12 second cooldown
  • Every consecutive attack on a target increases his attack speed in increments of 34 up to +136 at rank 4
  • A global ultimate that increases his allies and his own attack speed by 60/120/180 for 7 seconds. This is on a 30 second cooldown.

What makes Troll Warlord unique?

The ability to swap seamlessly from melee to ranged and his ability to solo Roshan at a very low level (although Ursa and Lycan can also do this) is what makes Troll unique. It is important that IceFrog should not change this too much and instead focus upon what makes him overpowered and unfair to play against. I do not believe that soloing Roshan is overpowered as there is a lot of counterplay to this that can often end up with Troll dying and the enemy claiming the Aegis.

Possible nerfs

  • Reduce Troll Warlords ultimate to only affect allies within an aoe around him. This will stop Troll from being able to farm on 1 side of the map while still helping his allies who are far away fighting. This forces Troll to make a choice between helping his team or farming which is a choice that most carries have to make.
  • Increase the cooldown of the ultimate to 90 seconds. This will mean that Troll Warlord players have to think more about when to use it and it will force more decision making such as “Do I use my ultimate to kill this tower or save it for the next teamfight?”
  • Melee form no longer gives bonus armor. This is only a minor nerf but it would not only make troll a bit more susceptible to physical damage, it would cause him to lose slightly more health when soloing Roshan (although he could still do it easily when farmed well enough)
  • Make Troll Warlords aoe blind only affect the first 3 targets it hits. This will also force better decision making as you would not want to waste the charges on nearby creeps/illusions and it will give opponents some counterplay as they attempt to use illusions to soak up the 3 charges. This could be very interesting and would raise the skillcap of playing with/against this hero considerably.

Comment below if you have any suggestions

Good nerf suggestions will be added to this growing list.