This page will show you the location of some of the places you go to in Batman: Arkham Knight and might want to go back to revisit later to find riddles/trophies for The Riddler.

Where is Divinity Church Subway?

Although is is called Divinity Church Subway and you are expected to go there to find several Riddler Trophies, the name on the Gotham map is not “Divinity Church Subway” but is “Subway (under Construction) and can be found in Port Adams in the southern area of Founders’ Island. This is where you need to go to find the Riddler Trophies.

Where is Dr. Langstrom’s Laboratory?

Kirk Langstrom’s (aka Man-Bat) laboratory is used once during the side quest involving him. You also need to go there to find the answer to a riddle. You can find his location below. It is in the north-western area of Bleake Island.

Where is Pretty Doll Parlor?

Home of Professor Pyg’s lovely experiments, this place is listed on the map once you have found it for the side quest “The Perfect Crime”. Here is the location shown on the map below. Once you go to this location then you will see a neon pink shop called “Pretty Doll Parlor”.

Go to this location to find the home of Professor Pyg

Go to this location to find the home of Professor Pyg

Where is my missing gadget?

See this post for details on where to find any gadgets you might be missing.

Any other places you want to find?

Let us know below if there are other areas that you wish to find.